Scot’s LA DSN experience

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Subject: Scott’s LA DSN experience

Scot’s LA DSN experience

My journey over the last 7 months has been incredible. Can you imagine I did my first Part 1 Course at the end of July in San Mateo when Guruji was visiting the Bay area. The journey began! Since then I have done a Part 2 Course and two DSN courses, the last one being in LA with Anandji, who will be teaching the upcoming course in March.

Each course had its own unique flavor. But the DSN courses really helped me understand through experience not from the mind. I was able to see my own self-imposed limitations and break out of them, to laugh at myself, to be a witness to my actions, to lose my ego and, most important to me, to dance.

At Anandji’s Part 1 course at the beginning of this month, I shared my DSN experience there. I had told the group of 700 people that the DSN experience was transforming for me. At the end of the session, one person came up to me and asked me if there was a moment in the DSN course where I realized I had changed. I thought what a wonderful question. As I thought about it the answer was a grand YES!!! Witnessing my own transformation and seeing that there was one point where I saw the transformation was reason enough for me to have taken the DSN course. Learning from Anandji was another. Reading the notes describing the course, I can truthfully say that I experienced everything advertised.


Enroll tonight and save. Love and Jai Guru Dev.

Scott , March 8 2007
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