Just completed PtII….

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Sharing of Participants of March 20-24 2008 Part II, Hong Kong

During my few days of experience in silence….

I experienced the true meaning od Yoga. To be in touch with the real essence of my being and experience that very presence cannot be explained in words. I am very grateful to be here. Jai Guru Dev!

Sheryl Puterman

The first day and a half was not really enjoyable….

…, too much time on too little.

Then came the inspiration, the silence, the bonding without talking. The clarity of thoughts and letting go of thoughts was more satisfying than I have ever experienced. I have no preconceived ideas of what the course will like. And now, at the end, I must say I thoroughly enjoy the experience. Meditation brings me to another world – the euphoria!

Dorothy Sit

The meditations

….are very powerful as are the exercises. The course has inspired me to love myself more and not put off doing good things for myself.

name withheld

Letting go of my ego is a big joy.

…. I am letting! I have no power, I have no frame, all I have is love. That is what I am going to give. This is my experience.



My experience of being in silence

  • gain /regain clarity of mind
  • back to the Self
  • from disturbed / scattered mind to peace, calmness, confidence and love
  • see direction ahead and know what / want in future
  • more affirmative and centered
  • less painful (bodily) than previous courses
  • see myself grow in past years
  • recollection of past life time
  • appreciate and see consciousness in the nature manifest, in plants, animals
  • being peaceful and self aware
  • more considerate and compassionate
Raymond Ng

Thank you for all.

Have a chance for recognition of the self. Understanding of meaning of letting go.

Truly, I hope I can let go, I hope to attain new life, I also hope I can inspire others and the world. I will give my love to all.


The course gives me a chance

…to look into myself and know what is important in life. It brings inner peace and joy. I will take this course again as it is so beneficial.

name withheld

Patience, tolerance, silence, awareness


I have attended….

…. more than 15 times advanced course.  Every course is special.   This time, I can go deeper into silence and calm.  I can see the relationship between each process and the subtle effect on my body and emotion.  The feeling and experience of “hollow and empty”.  it is true and vital that each one of us should have advanced course every six months.   

Angel Kwok

Firstly, I want to thank you..

…… for this wonderful experience of silence. My mind is os calm and I feel free. I loved all the meditations and it really helped to calm my mind and focus on all things I need to. I am so grateful to all of you (AoL family) and of course our beloved Guru for guiding me on the right path. I feel so fortunate and will definately continue to spread this beautiful knowledge to everyone. Thank you. Jai Guru Dev!


Relaxing, inspiring, concentrating…

…. in-depth, loved, peace (within and outside).  I see colours.  I see joyful world.  I see green.  I feel loved and bliss.  I love myself, other people and the world more.

Rona Shum

  • felt calmness
  • started to observe nature (previously  ignored or took it for granted)
  • appreciate nature
  • felt more stability / strength
  • ease impact of my past bad memories
  • lightened my affinity of desire
  • realize how much important talking can mean my observing silence
  • enjoyed the course

Thank you.  Jai Guru Dev!


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