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Guru Grace


We have experienced Guruji’s grace in our lives several times.

Recently, Guruji gave me a wonderful experience that I feel I must share with all… Its a little long, But will be great if you can forward to all our teachers.. Sharing this is my way of expressing my gratitude to our beloved Master:-

I was sent for courses to Israel on 4th Oct’07. It was a 9-week stay- scheduled to finish on 15th Dec’07.

All went well – till I received a call from my sister (based in Singapore) that my father (he is 72 yrs old) is very ill. A tumor with the width of 5.5cms had been discovered behind his right ear-Just where the spinal cord begins-touching the brain. Unfortunately – the tumor was discovered only after it started bleeding. My brother (who was in Bombay at that time with my father) approached doctors in Lilavati Hospital, Jaslok & Nair Hospital. Doctors refused to touch the case because of my father’s age & the tumors proximity to the brain. They all said we were wasting our time & money & should take my dad back home.

This is the point of time when I received the call to come back immediately. I had just one week of my stay in Israel left with 2 courses planned in the same week. For one of the courses stay permits had been obtained form the Government of Israel to allow Women from Palestine (Suffering from cancer) to come & stay in a Hospital in East Jerusalem & do the Part 1 Course. There was No way the course could have been postponed.

My elder sister & my mother flew down form Singapore & my sister told me ” If u want to see daddy alive for the last time.. Come back”. Obviously, The first thing I did was to write a mail to Guruji & ask for permission to come back & asked TC desk to arrange another teacher.

I waited 12 hrs before receiving a reply form Guruji. In the meanwhile I had blocked another ticket & kept my packed bag ready.

When I received Guruji’s reply, It was not a clear yes. He said “Its Luckshmi’s choice. If she wants to come back she can do so. If she wants to stay, let her finish the two courses & then come back”. When I heard the reply for a moment I couldn’t believe my ears.. How can Guruji give me a choice at a point of time like this? But after just a couple of seconds I had decided.. If Guruji leaves it to me, so be it. I WILL NOT GO BACK. It’s HIS responsibility to take care of my father. He says, “You do my work, I will do yours”. There is nothing I can do even by going back. AND I stayed.

The news spread fast & When the participants of my earlier 7 courses in Jerusalem heard about this, many of them came for my course in the evening with candles & placed it in front of Guruji’s picture praying for my fathers good health. I couldn’t stop crying.

The next day, my family found one doctor in Bombay hospital who was ready to do the operation for removal of the tumor. The doctor was very clear. There was only 2% to 3% chance of the operation being successful. 98% chance that even after the operation my father will not live a normal life. WE TOOK THE 2% chance. The next day, I was in Israel taking 2 courses back to back & here in India my father underwent a 8 hour long operation.

THE OPERATION WAS SUCCESSFUL. The tumor was completed removed. The recovery has been absolutely unbelievable. He is back home & today 1 month after the operation, not only is he alright (No paralysis as the doctors anticipated) , he has started walking & eating ON HIS OWN. His speech is a little blurred but every time I talk to him he says “of course I have to recover fast. I should be able to walk so I can go & meet Guruji”.

Last night when I told Guruji about this………. HE SIMPLY SMILED.

And I remembered his usual Words ” Mai Apni duty theek se de raha hu na….” (I do my duty properly always, isn’t it?) I couldn’t stop the tears in my eyes from flowing….

Lots of Love,
Luckshmi Mirgh

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