effect of Sudarshan Kriya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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From: Rtn Badri [mailto:badri@rcme.org]
Subject: Effect of Sudarshan Kriya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Effect of Sudarshan Kriya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Jai Gurudev,

I would like to share my experience of Sudarshan Kriya which has cured me completely of a very funny disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

During my treatment of TB for one year with heavy Antibiotics I developed severe weakness and fatigue which continued even after I stopped the medicines. For more than 15 months after the TB treatment I continued suffering from acute fatigue. I could not do my regular exercises, I could not work in office for more than 4 hrs a day. Even after taking full days rest I used to feel tired and energyless. This physical disability had affected my mental strength also. I started going into depressions. My immune system also got weakened. I used to get sore throat, cold and cough almost every month and used to continue sometimes for 2-3 weeks.

In 2001 December I got an opportunity to attend the Basic course. With a great doubt in my mind I attended the course. I was amazed after doing the very first Sudarshan Kriya. There was a surge of an unusual energy in my body and mind. In the next one month I could see a great change in my energy level. The severity of fatigue and sore throat had come down. And after one year, I had got back to almost normal state except on some days when I had to strain mentally too much in office. Now after 2 years, I do Sudarshan Kriya only 3 days a week, I have not experienced the old horrendous state of energylessness or fatigue. My immune system has normalised and mental state has come back to my old enthusiastic state.

I always had doubt that this cure is only temporary. That’s why I hesitated to even share with AOL members. But now I am confident that I have come out of this very funny and troublesome disease. I have not even an iota of doubt that this cure is only due to Sudarshan Kriya, since I had not taken any other treatment for my problem.

I am immensely grateful to AOL and to Guruji for His wonderful and greatest gift namely ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ to the mankind.

With Love,
N.Badri Narayanan, Chennai

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