Gift 52 Smiles

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Gift 52 Smiles

Our Gurudev’s 52nd Birthday is soon coming…..

It is an honour and a blessing that we are able to give a very very special gift – 52 smiles on this most special occasion.

The idea, is to get 52 sponsorships for 52 children for Guruji ‘s  52nd Birthdday.

Let’s make it happen together.


Ved Vignana Maha Vidhyapeeth was established with a commitment for excellence in holistic education for children from rural background. Located on 21st km of Kanakpura Road, Bangalore, the school provides free education to over 2000 children from around 45 villages in the surrounding area.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the inspiration behind this unique institution.

Free Transport is provided to all children. Every day, the school bus picks up children to take them to school and drops them back home. A fleet of four buses ferry the students to and from the school. The transport facility enables students from villages within a radius of 10 km from the school to attend classes and avail of the educational facilities.

Free Uniforms, school books, along with school bags, are also provided to children, so that they don¡¦t forsake their education for want of any of these material amenities. Specially trained teachers, familiar with the background and mind-set of these rural children, cater to their educational needs.

Wholesome nutritious vegetarian meals are provided for the students under the midday meal initiative. The food is cooked on the school premises itself and served fresh.

A spacious playground and a well equipped sports kit gives the students an opportunity to let off steam in the playground. Trained sports instructors guide the students in their respective spheres of sports to deliver a rich and enriching experience.

Along with academics, education is balanced with an emphasis on social responsibilities and human values. The children participate in various co-curricular activities like music, dance, drama, debates, tree planting campaigns, literary clubs, computer training, tailoring workshops for girls and a host of other cultural events.

The children have been provided with a healthy and nurturing atmosphere. The school follows the State Board syllabus. In spite of 95% children being first generation learners, the school has 100% results in the exams!

The task is gigantic. We need to educate more and more children and we invite you to participate in this noble cause.



Sponsorship is Rs 10000 (HK$2000) per child per year (includes the cost of tuition, uniforms, school books, bags, transport, regular medical check-ups and mid-day meals for one child).

Participate and make a BIG difference to the lives of many children.

Name: ______________________




I would like to make a difference to ___________child(ren)


Payment method:

Cheques Payable to ‘The Art of Living Society of Hong Kong Ltd’
Deposit to Hang Seng Bank A/c No. 266-261-924- 002

Please mail us the form, along with the cheques or fax us on 2722-7913 with the bank slips.

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