Sampoorna Movie

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Sampoorna Movie

Donation for Post Production

As all of you know by now, a team of young and creative devotees took up the task of bringing up Guruji and Art of Living in the cinema worldwide. The film named ‘Sampoorna’ is coming to its end.

Please visit our website: www.sampoorna-movie.com

After two years of filming, we are now entering our post production phase. Yet we need one more time your help …

We are looking for fund for post production of the movie. The amount is Euro.10,000 (that is around HKD123,000) .

If you would like to make a donation through the HK Center, please contact Tim (9107 6649) or Sylvia (6103 2227). Collected fund will be processed via AoL HK Center and will be sent to German Ashram.

Or you can visit the web as above, click “donate now” button and process your donation via pay-pal or credit card.

Be a part of this meaningful project, every cent and every dollar will contribute to this cause in ways equally unique.

Jai Guru Dev!


  • Tim (+852-9107 6649 / wongcmt@netvigator.com)
  • Sylvia (+852-6103 2227 / sylvie77cn@yahoo.com )
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