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NIU campus ROCKED when Art of Living came to their campus for the FREE TRAUMA RELIEF COURSE, after the Feb 14th shootings that happened there, that took place from March 24th to 27th.

This was the 2nd course of its kind, we had the first one off campus from March 7th to 11th which was a great success as well with 15 participants!

This second course was a Jai Gurudev from beginning to end! Natalie, our most wonderful teacher, flew up from New Orleans. Brooks, our great volunteer flew down from Seattle during his spring break to help out with the course. None of us knew what to expect. We had a lot of interested students and community people, but had only one or two registrations in hand. What happened thereafter was mind blowing! The course room had a capacity of 25, the room slowly started filling up and we had 23 participants + 2 volunteers and the teacher! Full capacity course!

Uma and Sriram, both YES + teachers, had come the week before during their spring break to talk to the students and spread the word on campus! Special thanks to them, for this course could not have happened without their dedication and support! I don’t know what we would have done without Brooks, our volunteer from Seattle! He was there for everything, to make sure everything ran smoothly and effortlessly!

Natalie is an amazing teacher! I don’t understand how she did it, in 16 hours she delivered all the knowledge points and all the necessary information with such ease and simplicity, that the participants just soaked in it! She made it into a fun course, a combination of Part One and Yes+, that was so much fun to old and young alike!

The participants were ready for everything she had to offer and absorbed it effortlessly, and the course moved on with such an amazing pace yet with each participant giving 100% and able to relate the points. Every one felt a connection to each other and to Guruji by the end of the course!

On the first day itself, Natalie, a great teacher that she is! talked about Guruji and Jai Gurudev and the meaning of the words. She also said she ends with a song everyday, and would they like an English or Sanskrit song! All the students wanted a Sanskrit song! and she sang ” Ganapati Om” with the participants repeating it! All of them left the room and campus singing on the very first day of the course!

Each day was a surprise for us! Older people reported feeling 10 years younger! Feeling like a child again! The students were so mature and ready, they wanted all the information on how to become teachers! They arranged a party for us on the last day of the course!

Here are some of the testimonials from the Students who took the course:

I learned how to tough through something…

… regardless of my expectation. I am a skeptic and a believer at the same time, always questioning always analyzing and being afraid to let myself give in to anything that might take away the individuality and mind I hold, be manipulative be deceptive or cause me to change my behavior. This [AOL course] I gave a chance and all I can say is that joy and learning and sensation came from it. What I can promise is that my excitement for incorporating this workshop into my day to day life will run deep, and my scope for extending sight for where and how high the benefits will reach is endless.”

-Mei Li, Journalism & English Graduate

‘clear path to spiritual freedom’

“This course has place me back into what I call my ‘clear path to spiritual freedom’. Taking this course reminded me of the beauty of humanity and the universal ability of spiritual (prana) evolution (enlightenment). If we just concentrate on the breath we see nothing but that which where we started. We return home as it were. To where the heart is and always has been. Here. Now. Within everyone of our global family members. I love you. And one day hope to be just like you by being just me. Gracias Tedoi (Thank you very much)!”

-Mark, Theater Student

It has done so much for my inner being

“This is a truly amazing course. It has done so much for my inner being and awareness. I would not have believed it if I had not done it! I highly recommend this course and our teacher was the best. I had no idea that a person could feel this way. The words to live will guide me throughout my life.”

-Greg, Political Science Student

“This course has changed my Life forever.

….. I truly understand what it feels like to have a quiet mind. I will take these lessons and apply it to the major lesson of life.”

-Stephanie, Early Childhood Education Student

I feel the way I used to feel when I was a child

“I have changed the last four days. I feel the way I used to feel when I was a child. Thank you for coming to NIU, my second home. I was shaken to the core after the shooting and having to work in Cole Hall was so traumatic for me. This course has given more to me than I lost. Huskie Love”

-Charisma, library assistant and General Studies Graduate

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