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“I can sum up the course in one word “Fantabulous”. (It is both fantastic and fabulous.).The Teacher Sri.Vikramji is just great. I am very much fascinated by his multifaceted talents. We enjoyed the wonderful knowledge amidst laughter and in natural surroundings. We learnt that to really enjoy life we need to come out of our comfort zones. So also we should give miracle a chance to happen. I appreciate Sri.Vimal Kankani and the organizing team for the excellent arrangements.”

Shri N.K.Sinha (Former Airport Director Coimbatore)

The Course was excellent….

It increased my boldness and now I am prepared to take any task. Although the participants were of diverse age groups they blended very well as a cohesive family and enjoyed the course. I was amazed by the observation power of Sri. Vikramji as he could identify each and every one of the participants by name from the second day onwards. The way he explained the knowledge using examples made all of us spell bound.

Smt. Beena Mohan (Housewife)

YES mind

He taught us that the Yes mind will always bring peace of mind and the No mind will bring more conflicts. He also made us take sankalpa to have a “Temple of Knowledge” in Coimbatore and assured that he would come for the Satsang at its inauguration. The DSN participants have all taken a Sankalpa to work for it and by Guruji’s grace it will certainly happen soon.”

Sri.Ayyaswamy (Art of Living Part I Teacher
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