science and spirituality

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Guruji’s talk at International Symposium: Science and Spirituality

Science and Spirituality

Come siete tutti? (How are you all?)

I am sure you would have very good discussion from morning to afternoon with all these experts and scientists here. You know what; a true scientist always finds that he knows very little and there is so much more to know. The more we know the more unknown will rise. This keeps our attitude correct and straight. This attitude that we know very little about this creation keeps our mind open and our heart uplift. If in scientist there is arrogance and criticism that is a decline of science. That means somewhere we are declining.

Scientist needs to have two qualifications: No. 1 is: Wonder – scientist need to be in ‘Aho’ – wonder state.

Every new discovery leaves him speechless. The scientist’s eye is probing and examining the nature of creation, the nature of substance and the nature of life and proving it. When you probe in to it you are stunned, there is ‘Aho’ Wow. That wonder keeps you enthusiastic and uplifted.

No. 2 is: With the wonder the realization that what you know is only very little there is so much more to know. This will keep you humble.

Wonder brings you an elevated enthusiasm and awareness about your ignorance that there is so much more to know, you don’t know that keeps you humble and open-minded. I feel it is also necessary with spirituality and religion. When religion becomes close minded then conflicts begin. If science becomes close minded progress is hindered. The technology grows because at that level a person needs to have open-mindedness.

You know about how the watch industry in Switzerland collapsed, right? It was close-mindedness of people to look in to the digital technology that they lost the whole thing. So the paradigm shifts. Same is with religion that if there is no wonder in religion or spirituality the joy is lost. The fun is lost. What do you say? Yes, do you agree? And similarly if one thinks all the truth only I know nobody else knows then they become close minded then fanaticism begins.

You know the readiness to accept, acknowledge the possibilities of knowledge are present in many other disciplines, many other ways; will open up a new dimension and keep us young, enthusiastic, brilliant and productive. This is all I have to say.

Is there anything to ask? You can ask me. And then we will do a short meditation. We should do meditation no? Shall we? So should I summarize whatever I said? This was already a summary.

  1. A true scientist will acknowledge the power of spirituality. There is power which is not known. This acknowledgement will come from a true scientist that every thing in the universe happens through certain laws, certain power, and certain thing of which we are not aware of.
  2. He knows what he knows is very little and there is so much more to know. This art and wonder struck by the brilliance and the orderliness in creation.
  3. These 3 qualities in a scientist make a scientist really a scientist. It takes away the cynicism and any block towards progress. And I would call that as true spirituality also.

Spirituality also leads you to the same. It begins rater with wonder, with acknowledging that there is so much more to know and humility. OK. Is what question may arise in you…so if you acknowledge that what you know is very little then it may lead you to uncertainty!! Ignorance leads you to state of uncertainty then you are not certain, you know! Yes and No. There is a littler uncertainty and you are certain about other things, both. That’s why a real scientist uses the word perhaps and leaves a little margin of other possibilities too.

This was also said in very ancient days. They said everything is relative. You can not definitely say any thing. You can only use the word perhaps. Great philosophers of east have always said “Truth can only be expressed with the word perhaps and perhaps again is the same state of wonder.

Good good good good. I know very little. I don’t know much. I told Fahri that I have to take lessons for DNA and all that. So shall we meditate?

Meditation is a journey from sound to silence and movement to stillness.

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