the little soul

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The Little Soul

A Little Soul one day wakes up and sees itself as light. Being a Little Soul somehow made it very impatient and was always in a haste to explore and experience everything. It thought: “I am the light … I am the light?!” but the Little Soul with all its knowledge wanted to experience the light.

What is light? Light is love, compassion and forgiveness.

One day the Little Soul goes to the Sun and asks: “I really want to go to the world and experience it.”

The Sun replied: “Well, what do you want to experience?”

The Little Soul briefly thought about it and said: “I want to experience forgiveness. I want to experience that total complete forgiveness.”

The Sun replied: “Everything I create is perfect and full of love. There is no one need to be forgiven!”

The Little Soul struck in disbelief: “Really?! No one needs to be forgiven?”

The Sun again replied: “Just look around … which soul is less perfect than you? Every soul is so, so perfect. So who needs to be forgiven?”

The Little Soul turns around, to its surprise finds all the souls in heaven gathered around, absorbed in this unusual conversation that is happening.

The Little Soul exclaims: “If every soul is so perfect, who do I forgive?”

At this moment its best friend comes and says: “You can forgive me.”

The Little Soul asks: “For what?!”

That friendly soul replies: “This would not be a problem. When we go to the world, there would be something that will need your forgiveness.”

The Little Soul is confused: “You are perfect. To become human you must lower your vibration. That is not good. But why do so?”

The friendly soul replies: “Simple, I do that because I love you. Isn’t this your wish to experience forgiveness? And you did the same for me before.”

The Little Soul is astonished: “I Did?!”

The friendly soul replies: “Of course, but you do not remember any more. We agreed that we could experience the vastest and broadest part of ourselves. But I want one thing in return.”

The Little Soul excitedly, for it finally can experience what forgiveness is, says: “Whatever is fine! Whatever is fine! Just tell me what you want!”

The friendly soul says: “When I beat you up, when I hurt you, when I put you in pain …. when I do something unbelievable, unimaginable to you, right that moment remember who I am.”

The Little Soul says: ” Oh! I will not forget. I will see you as you are now, a perfect you, I will remember who you are, forever and ever.”

Then they go to the world together to experience forgiveness.

Just think of the people we hate and are disgusted by, they are all our best friends. Thank them for letting us know and experience forgiveness and compassion.


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