what is the truth

In Knowledge digest, L.A.U.G.H. on 18/04/2008 at 02:18

Question: Guruji can I ask you a simple question? What is the truth?

Guruji: (Laughter!!) Can I give you a simple answer to that? That, which is not false, is the truth. And what is false? That, which is affected by time and space. There has been this absolutely mind boggling definition given by the great “Adishankaracharya”. It is like this, If I say, “it is raining now”. Will this sentence be true tomorrow? Will this sentence hold good day after? No! Again when you are dreaming, You are dreaming something and you feel that whatever is happening in the dream is true!! Like I heard about this scientist who dreamt all night of fighting with a lion and woke up with a broken leg, because he was kicking the wall all night!! (Laughter!!) I am explaining it a little long and elaborate though the question was simple! (laughter!!)
Shankaracharya said, “Trikalabhaditam yat satyam”. That which is not affected by the time and space is the truth.


Question: Guruji how does one wake up before this life gets over?

Guruji: Are you awake now?

Devotee: No.

Guruji: You are not awake now? That means you are awake. If you are lying down with your eyes closed and not sleeping then you will know that a question is asked and you will answer. That’s exactly you are doing right now!

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