Desire, fear and anxiety are all the same!!

In from the Heart, Knowledge digest on 28/05/2008 at 00:58

We were asking Guruji about the difference between a desire and an expectation…He said, Desires are always for something nice or good, but an expectation can be for something bad… Like you may expect the share market to crash, i dont think many will desire that! )

Then He went on to say that there is really no difference between desire, fear and anxiety!!

He said that the mind (or that aspect of yourself that manifests stuff into the physical realm) cannot distinguish between a desire, some fear or an anxiety … so for example, if you are riding a bicycle, and are thinking, oh i should not bang into the pavement, i should not bang into the pavement, i should not bang. The mind incorrectly assumes that that’s exactly what you want and manifests that! and so you bang!

This little byte of Knowledge, this insight can explain every single happening in our life! The mind CANNOT differentiate between a desire, a fear or an anxiety, and will merrily manifest whatever it is that you are feeling and thinking strongly about.

We have the utsav in Bangalore in an open air place, and off late there have been a few clouds and some rumblings of thunder… Rashmin was listening to me while i was talking about what Guruji had said and remarked oh i hope there will be no rain… and i said thats it! if you think that, there is going to be rain!

and he said, oh this is complicated… what do i think!?… Think about clear skies! is what i told him…

We are all so used to thinking “negatively”… hoping, wishing for things NOT to happen… and exactly that manifests into our lives!

Reprogram yourself to wishing and hoping for certain things to happen!! and then let go of the desire, ‘coz feverishness for the desire will make you go for certain into “what ifing” … and soon the thoughts and feeling about it not happening become strong.

Guruji once had remarked, whenever you wish for something, always wish, “Let me have this or better!” You may wish for a million dollars and the Universe actually wanted to give you a 100 million, but since your
wish is for just a million, thats all you get.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu!!! …or better!!!!! )


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