DSN course EXPERIENCE from Detroit

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the DSN course EXPERIENCE from Detroit US…

The DSN at Detroit …MI… with Rishi Nityapragya was such an amazing course, one of the best for me in fact. The result of this high-energy course was that about 142 fully paid registrations for the next Part I course were made by the 112 participants who also pledged to contribute over 200k for constructing centers of knowledge in the US. Rishiji also said that it was the best DSN that he has taken in the last 10 years. Now that is something.
Several rounds of Padma Sadhana raised the prana level so much that looking back I wonder how on earth did I get through with sleeping only 2 to 3 hrs a day. The evening satsangs with Rishiji was electrifying especially I cannot forget the song Jiya dhadak dhadak. Check out the video below.
But for me the highlight of the course was the knowledge that was flowing from Rishiji. Rishiji is such a storehourse of knowledge… he drenched us with it. He drilled it deep into us that our stupid mind has to be ridiculed and laughed at!!! For otherwise it will start ruling us.

The 7 flavors of consciousness that come up in our mind were discussed over and over again. Taking responsibility we need to save the mind from these 7 flavors. And how to be free from these tendencies of the mind? By releasing the impressions. Take a deep breath in, connect with Guruji and drop whatever we are holding on to. We should keep emptying the mind again and again. Spend at least 15 mts 2 times everyday to release the impressions that have been collected. You may not get it in the beginning but no matter what happens the process of releasing the impressions should be practiced everyday.

What I have gotten back from this course is the heightened awareness. As emotions and thoughts come up, I am able to observe what flavor I am in. It is becoming like a game observing the noises this stupid mind makes!!
Sit for a few courses with Rishiji and I feel you will be on a fast track to enlightenment. All I can say is don’t ever miss an opportunity to be with Rishiji.

And one final knowledge point that he left us with “Promise me one thing that no matter what happens in your outer atmosphere you will keep your inner atmosphere happy”. We will Rishiji…. and when it starts slipping we know that it is time for the next course with you!
Check out these photos and wonderful satsang videos
http://www.flickr. com/photos/ 27065004@ N07/

talk on sadhana seva satsang …by rishi nityapragyaji. ..
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=C0uQfKXzUGg

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