Airline Journey

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Airline Journey

Dear All,


This was a PA (Public Announcement) made at the Ashram, during a course, by one of our AOL Pilots.

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is your Co-pilot speaking. My name is Fuzzy.

On behalf of our Commander Guruji, and everyone in your life, welcome aboard AOL AIRLINES.

You are all graced with the Sudarshan Kriya Ticket from the Art of Living Part 1 Course Counter. The Golden Ticket, that you hold, is an extremely beautiful gift, donated by the owner of this aircraft, H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Our Cabin Crew smile from their hearts. You will be provided with meal trays of knowledge sheets.

For your entertainment, you have your own mind.

 Your journey will be flown over 140 countries. You won’t see any borders or man made limitations through Our windows, but will experience your planet earth and its diversities…. without concepts.

We have only one class on board, which is First Class. All seats are specifically designed by Sri Sri. Each seat will experience at different times, smooth weather, rough weather, headwinds and tailwinds. You might find a fellow passenger experiencing a ‘local’ thunderstorm. Under your seat is a life-jacket stuffed with knowledge sheets. How you use this life-jacket on the flight, will  determine the smoothness of YOUR journey.

You are guaranteed a ride of this Lifetime. The flight-time is insignificant, though your smile will help the cabin crew serve you better.  As you near your top-of-decent, your Captain Guruji will speak to you.  Although, other flight paths are available, we thank you for choosing to fly with us …..not that you had any choice.

The landing is guaranteed to be smooth. You have no choice of destination.

Have a pleasant trip!

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