Sichuan Relief Work Update 4 – Mission 2

In Sichuan relief work on 27/06/2008 at 10:15

Mission 2 – June 15-21


Mission Objectives

    Continue with Trauma-Relief Workshops initiated from previous mission

    Establish 3-day Workshops wherever possible

    Establish Part 1 Courses

    Identify Kindergartens for adoption

    Establish full-time operations centre in Chengdu (Provincial Capital)



Workshop Completed

Mission Interim Period (4 June)  4 workshops

Total: 122 people

Mission 2 (15-21 June)
    Day 1:  1 workshop

                        Total 25 people

    Day 2:  –
    Day 3:  1 workshop
                Total 70 people
    Day 4:  8 workshops
                Total 635 people
    Day 5:  8 workshops

                 Total 1,329 people
    Day 6:  9 workshops
                Total 370 people
Total:    27 workshops held in Sichuan
                2439 people benefited from AOL Trauma Relief Workshops



Workshop Overview

    Move towards establishing 2-3 day courses with the same group

    Majority of classes focused on primary schools and relief volunteers

    School classes are separated into age groups for easier facilitation and attention

    Some workshops completed within 30-minutes due to only time period available.  Experience equally strong and invited back for full 60-minute period for the following two days (Mian Zhu Primary School)



Part One Courses

    Two Part-1 Course were organized and completed

    4-Day Program 18 participants

    6-Day Program 20 participants

    Participants came from Sichuan

    Incredible experiences including very strong spiritual sharing after Sudarshan Kriya in an environment that has not encouraged spiritual expression



Adopting Kindergartens

    No kindergartens were identified on this mission

    Complexity in system as well as identifying long-term beneficiaries that are government endorsed rather then relief schools (only operate for an interim period)



Chengdu Center

    Full-time operations centre established.

    3-bedroom apartment, 2 bathrooms and common area that can efficiently accommodate 12-14 people doing morning sadhana at one time.

    Centre can accommodate 7-8 beds.

    Nearby budget hotel (Ibis) within 10 minute walking distance to accommodate any overflow.

    30 minute drive from Chengdu Airport.

    Rudra & Guru Puja performed on Monday, 16 June to formally establish the centre.

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