The Flower and the String

In Knowledge digest on 01/07/2008 at 18:42

Accuracy warning: Freely translated from hindi to english, from whatever i can remember 🙂What are you? A flower or the string? The string binds the flowers together makes them into a garland, but without the flowers, what good is the string, and without the string, its not possible to have a garland… a flower is there just for some time, a string stays for ever…

The West Bengal Advanced Course people have come to the Ashram, and the Orissa Advanced Course people have not yet left 🙂  … A few frayed tempers, lots of walking up and down, no bed, no place to keep luggage, etc later everyone got together for Satsang… Just looking at Guruji yesterday night was enough to soothe away all the issues and everyone sang and danced with Grace and utter devotion. It was quite magical and the energy in VM was peaking, and i could feel waves of bliss rolling over myself and everyone there…

And i thought, Guruji wont speak much tonight… but i was wrong!


While we pondered, what we were… He continued saying you are both! When you see yourself as an individual jiva full of Knowledge, you are the flower, a fully blossomed consiousness… and when you see yourself as the universal consciousness, you are the string! and then He mischievously added, and if there is no Knowledge in the jiva, you become a thorn 🙂So in the body, do Seva, with Knowledge see yourself as part of the Guru, and when you meditate, then know yourself to be no different from the universal consciousness!

In an earlier Satsang, He had talked about Hanuman… When Hanuman was asked What is it like to be Hanuman, He had replied, When I am this body, then I am just Ram’s servant (das), and when I look with the Knowledge, then I see myself as part of Ram, and when i see myself as the Soul, then I see there is no difference between Me and Ram and everything and everyone else!


Staying at the Ashram, being in Satsang everyday, so many things get resolved, so much Knowledge and love… Like dinesh likes to say, its not about what you learned, it more about what you unlearn and drop…

Guruji concluded the Satsang saying on the Ashram there is only one Rule:
You can come here with all the troubles and worries that you may have, but you are not allowed to take any back!!!


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