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Bhakti Sutra – Supreme Divine Love, together with the steps leading to it, is called Bhakti. In these exceptional talks, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explores the development and ecstasy of Divine Love, while translating and explaining the original text of the Bhakti Sutras cognized by the great sage Narada. The talks provide inspiration as well as practical insights to the seeker of truth.


 Bhakti Sutra ( 6 sessions )  9/8/2008 – 20/9/2008  (except 13/9)

1. The love does not die

10.  Love can’t be expressed

2. Love is beyond desire

11. Attaining divine love

3. Love knows no conflict

12. Love needs no proof

4. Rejoicing without conflict

13. Love is supreme

5. Love is pure communication

14. The six distortions of love

6. Love and respect

15. Love, a hidden secret

7. The means to divine love

16. Love knows no boundaries

8. Awakening the divinity within

17. Dwell in the divine

9. Crossing the ocean of misery

18. The ultimate truth


Patanjali Yoga Sutra In this set of ten tapes, Sri Sri translates and interprets the ancient Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali. The Yoga Sutras are considered the definitive text on the mechanics of the growth of consciousness. Sri Sri illumines the profound wisdom contained in Patanjali’s concise Sanskrit passages and applies it to our everyday experience. He also identifies the many practical techniques Patanjali gives us for realizing union with the Divine.


 Yoga Sutra   ( 6 sessions )  18/10/2008 – 22/11/2008

            1. Discipline of Yoga

7. Kriya Yoga

            2. Honoring the practice

8. Three Tapas

            3. Samadhi

9. Veil of Misery

            4. Who is god

10. Eliminating the Cause of Misery

            5. Overcoming obstacles

11. Eight Limbs of Yoga

6. Steadiness and Samadhi




9/8 – 22/11, 2008

(Except 13/9, 27/9, 4/10, 11/10)


Saturday   6:00-8:00pm




ü           Course: $ 1,200 (by 8/8), $ 1,600 (9/8 or after)

ü          Per Session: $200/session

ü           Sri Sri Yoga TTC China 2008 Participants: $800 (by 8/8), $ 1,600 (9/8 or after)


ü            Accepted Cash or cheque.  Payment to be made upon registration to entitle early registration benefits

ü            By BANK TRANSFER: Hang Seng Bank Account No. 266—261—924—001by CHEQUE payable to:  The Art of Living Society of Hong Kong Ltd.


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