enjoy! QA with SriSri

In Knowledge digest, L.A.U.G.H. on 09/09/2008 at 00:43

Q : Would you please encourage our husbands wash utensils and cut vegetables even at home just as they did here during the advance course? (Followed by loud cheering from all the women in the course).

Guruji : yes yes definitely. But then it would be nice if you too maintained silence at home just the way you did in the advance course. (Followed by loud cheering by all the men in the course)

Q : I miss you very much. Do you miss me?

Guruji : When I am in your mind its only me who exist. But when I am not in your mind I miss you very much. I long for you.

Q: Why are wise men born in India?

Guruji:Why are Alps only in Switzerland? Sun only in Norway? To see Northern Lights you have to go to Norway. here is no answer. If you want to have snow, skiing & lakes it is in Switzerland. Apples are grown only in cold climate- Kashmir, not in tropical climate. India also needed something , so we have spirituality. here. Global karma from time to time.

One upon a time the fame of India was so much that Christopher Columbus went to find India and found America. There was no phone. But people knew about silk etc.  And then the time came for England who ruled the whole world for several 100 years. The sun never sank in the British Kingdom. Then Soviet Union, at one time, just took the globe & then that disappointed America. Global phenomenon. You can just wonder about it. Earth has its own Maths, Geography, History. So perhaps this part of the world was chosen for sprituality or India would have been left behind.

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