Lighter Part of NavRatri!

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One inspector went to a school for inspection. He decided to ask few questions to the students of the school to evaluate the quality of education provided by the institution. So he started with a question – “‘Hara Dhanus’ ko kisne toda tha?” (Who broke the ‘Bow of Shiva’ in Ramayana).

Not a single student had volunteered to answer, so he had to pick up a student. That student got really frightened and answered – “Sir, sachhi bol raha hoon, maine nehi toda” (Sir, I didn’t break it, really!).

That inspector was irritated with that answer and went to complain to the class teacher. After hearing everything the class teacher said – “Woh bahut shararati bachcha hai, jarur usne hi toda hoga” (That lad is very naughty, definitely he only broke it)

The inspector was really incensed hearing the response of the class teacher and went to complain to the ‘head of the institution’ (Head Master). After hearing all the incidents the Head Master replied – “Dekhiye sharati bachche ne agar tod diya hai to kya kare, woh toota hua dhanush se hi kaam chalana padega” (Since the naughty boy has broken the bow, we need to manage with that one only).

Now the inspector got really annoyed and said enough is enough and described all the incidents and sent his recommendation to the government – “not to waste public money and discontinue the school itself”. So all the cabinet ministers had a meeting regarding the issue and they came to the conclusion that ‘closing of the school might spoil the future of so many students’ and sent their recommendation to the inspector – “Us dhanus ko thik karne ke liye jitna rupia chahiye Government de degi, aap school ko chalu rakho” (Govt. will pay the required money to repair the bow, you keep the school open).

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When Guru-ji requested him to say something, this joke (in Hindi) was shared by Swami Pragyanand-ji from Haridwar, during the Satsang (evening) of ‘Vijaya Dashami’ at Bangalore Ashram! 🙂

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