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From: harshal jadhav <harshalpjadhav@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 9:19 PM
Subject: Global Report : Mission Green Earth Stand Up Take Action : it rocked the world!!!!

This is a GREAT News for all of us and I am sure you will be PROUD about it!

This shows the spirit and passion of AOL volunteers, the inspiration of Guruji to make a positive difference in this planet!

AOL again did an amazing work this year through ‘The  Mission Green Earth Stand Up Take Action 2008 (MGESUTA08)’, an AOL- Sri Sri Institute of  Agricultural Sciences and Technology, UNMC & UNEP’s Joint Initiative.

AOL was one of the many partners of UNMC.  AOL contributed to 9 percent (10.6 million) of the Global Stand Up Counts which is 116 million.  AOL’s 2007 contribution for Stand Up & Speak Out was 6.5 million.

Here are the outstanding achievements of AOL!

1. Nearly 10.6 Million people participated in Stand Up Take Action between the 17th till the 19th of October 2008!

2. Nearly 10.3 Million Trees were planted!

3. A commitment to plant 55 million trees till July 2009 is taken  (commitments all supported with endorsement letters)!

Below is a more statistical report of AOL’s Global Venture on MGESUTA08 and an Appreciation Mail from the Director of Millenium Campaign, United Nations to AOL.

A.Global Plantations including Commitments for plantations till July 2009 (65648925 (Sixty Five Million, Six Lakhs, Forty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Five))

Actual Plantations completed (Global) : 10264164 (Ten Million Two Lakhs Sixty Four Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Four Only)

India (Plantations completed): 9556285 (Ninty Five lakhs Fifty Six Thousand Two hundred and Eighty Five Only)

International (plantations completed): 707879 (Seven Lakhs Seven Thousand Eight hundred and seventy Nine Only)

Commitments  till July 2009: 55384761 (Fifty Five Million Three Lakhs Eighty Four Thousand Seven hundred and Sixty one)

India commitments till July 2009: 16564645 (Sixteen Million Fifty Lakhs Sixty Four Thousand Six hundred and Forty Five)

International commitments till July 2009: 38820116 (Thirty Eight Million Eight Lakhs Twenty Thousand One hunderd and Sixteen)

B. The Stand Up Reports (17th till 19th October 2008)

A.Total AOL Stand Up Counts:  10.6 Million

India Stand Up Counts: 9 Million

International Stand Up Counts: 1.6 Million

Salil Shetty, UNMC Global Director’s Letter to AOL on MGESUTA08

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