127 wishes fulfilled

In from the Heart, L.A.U.G.H. on 30/10/2008 at 23:48

Imagine 127 children from all over the country let loose in a 150 acre ashram and all that you have to do is to gather them together and make them do suryanamaskar, pranayama and meditation!

I was quite sympathetically listening to Ankush Bansal, the Art Excel teacher, as he was telling me about his utter helplessness to get anything going with these 127 little monsters absolutely not willing to listen to any instructions.

But then he suddenly got a fantastic idea.

On the pretext of disclosing a top secret he somehow managed to gather all the children at one place. He told them that if they do their pranayam and kriya with total sincerity they would be allowed to go the sumeru mantap (one of my favourite place in the ashram) and ask for a wish and all their wishes would be fulfilled.

This was obviously quite appealing to all of them and they did what they were told. As they were enthusiastically climbing up the hill to go to the sumeru Mantap. Ankush was fervently praying to Guruji. He also had one wish… please Guruji fulfill all their wishes.

In a few hours time all the children came back with exciting stories. One child desperately wanted to speak to her mom and her mom called back her friend and talked to her. Another child wanted to eat an Ice cream but they were not allowed to go to the canteen till the duration of the course. As she was coming back from the sumeru Mantap she saw an aunty who had an Ice cream in her hands and guess what?!

One child asked from a hug from Guruji and thats exeactly what he got after the evening satsang.

within a few hours every wish was fulfilled! the Art excel course was a big hit and the teacher could maintain his sanity till the end of the course.

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