Bliss in Bali -1

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SriSri in Bali – day1 – 25/11/08

SriSri in Bali – Sharing the bliss of Bali

Q. By Head Priest: Om Swasti Rastu. I need not only the tourism of culture but also the tourism of spirituality. You are the Maharaja.

SriSri: Yesterday, I was describing that ‘Swasti’ means both “health and happiness” together. It’s very nice to be here in Bali with you. Last year in the Vishnu Yagna, thousands of people gathered together. This time due to the rainy season it had to be in a closed hall or there would have been so many more people. Bali has maintained ancient tradition. Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga. 8 limbs of Yoga. 3 days is too short a time. We will learn a little bit whatever we can. Yam , niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dhyana and  Samadhi. So the 5 Yamas what are they – they are Ahimsa or non-violence, Satya – truth, Asteya – non-stealing, Brahmacharya- celibacy and then Aparigraha – non-accumulation. 5 Niyamas: Shaucha – cleanliness, Santosha – happiness, Tapas – forbearance of pleasant and unpleasant, Swadhyaya- self- study & Ishvara Pranidhana- surrender.

Here in Bali, already have lot of spiritual richness, very rich culture. Asana is something that integrates the whole system. Pranayama, Meditation.

You know we seldom think about our life. We think about our house, money relationships but we don’t think who am I? What do I need to be happy? What do we need to do now? Reflect on our life. Okay. Remember what is your age? How old are you? 38 years. How much longer will you live on the planet?  Say another 50 years, 85 years. How do you want to spend that? What do you want? The very question kindles spiritual dimension. Afterwards, how would you like to be remembered? As an aggressive person who troubled everyone or someone who did a lot of good? What do I need to be happy? When will I be happy? 10 years later or right now? This is what you need to think. Not postponing being happy to some future date. Right now, right now. When we get ourselves rid of stress by meditation. We don’t make any effort. You simply sit comfortably, I will do it for you. Those having backache sit on a chair.

Q. Whenever I hear chants, I feel like crying.

SriSri: It’s good. Devotion comes up. Heart chakra opens.Very good. There’s a saying by Kabira, “Bin roye kit paaye perm piya ki reet” Tears will bring you close to the divine, so it is okay.

SriSri: Everyday do 15-20 mins of Yoga, 15-20 mins of breathing and 15-20 mins of meditation. 40 mins – 1 hour everyday you keep it for yourself.

Q: Something about too many thoughts during meditation.

SriSri: Some irrelevant thoughts may come. Some good or bad thoughts. If you try to chase them they bother you. When they come, allow them to come. Then you will see in a few minutes they disappear.

Q: Whenever I meditate, I feel some vibration.

SriSri: That’s good. Vibration or sensation is normal. Don’t pay too much attention to it. Experiences change.

Q: Missed the question

SriSri: Either you cling to the scriptures or allow the divine to take you around.  Knowledge and devotion. Millions of years ago, people knew the psychology of animals and what they do. It’s not that Stone Age man was dull and didn’t know much. It appears they knew much more.

Q: I am scared to make any long- term plans.

SriSri: You know greed stops you. Just go ahead.

Q: How do I stop myself from getting angry?

SriSri: Why should you not get angry? Get angry. So what? Your this “I should’nt get angry, I don’t want to get angry’  ..   Anger is because you love perfection. Create a little room for imperfection. In your house, don’t you have a dust-bin? In your mind also, keep a garbage can.  Little acceptance about imperfection can bring patience.

Q: Guruji, do you know each of us here and also those who are not here?

SriSri: Why you want to know all my secrets? Yes, I know some and I don’t know some.

Q: I feel everything around me is telling me something. Is it Maya?

SriSri: Don’t see too much meaning. Maya means that which can be measured. The entire Universe is Maya. Light, sound, smell, taste, earth, water, fire, air – the whole world can be measured. So the whole world is Maya. Measure also is not the same. What weighs on earth is different on the moon and at the poles. What can’t be measured? Truth, love, consciousness. Beauty can’t be measured – part of sat, chit, ananda. World is Maya, owner of the world is Mayavi. Don’t get stuck in Maya. Think something bigger. All human values are beyond Maya.

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