Value of Chanting

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The Value of Chanting

Weekly Knowledge 153                 Bangalore Ashram, 14 May 1998, India

Your whole body is made up of atoms.

Being with this truth kindles the energy in you and brings up the consciousness. When you sing bhajans, the Sound Energy Vibration Gets Absorbed Into Every Particle Of Your Body.

Just like a microphone absorbs sound and converts it into electricity, the body absorbs the vibrations and converts it into consciousness.

When you sit in bhajans your entire body gets soaked in energy and transformation happens. If your are sitting and listening to gossip or violent music, then that gets absorbed by your body and does not give a nice feeling.

When you hear the Knowledge, or chant with all your heart, that elevates your consciousness.

There is an ancient proverb in Sanskrit which says that the words of rishis and enlightened ones are translated into experience immediately.

Bawa says: We have read and heard from so many people, but when Guruji speaks the same knowledge it straight-away hits home.

NEWS FLASH: A family of devotees has a cat which only ate dried fish. Within a few weeks of doing Sudarshan Kriya, they found that their cat, too, has turned vegetarian and will not even look at fish any more!

One of our teachers had an operation after which it was discovered that an absent-minded doctor left a metal clip inside her abdomen. On later examination it was found that in addition to the clip, a large stone developed in the gall bladder and had caused an internal abscess. She was to have surgery on the same day that she had wanted to go to the Bangalore Ashram. That day, when they checked again, the doctors were surprised that there was no clip, no stone and no abscess!

PS: Guruji was not born, but 2000 people came to the ashram to celebrate his birthday. Prashanth and his housing team were applauded for the way they avoided chaos.

Ishani and Bawa’s dogs also turned vegetarian.

Jai Guru Dev

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