Maha Meru and Vishalakshi Mantap

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I saw an ariel photo of our Vishalakshi Mantap and its just the same as a Maha Meru (see photo below) . I showed this to my mom and she said she already knew this ! It was new to me. I did some research on the internet on the significance of Maha Meru.

Maha Meru is the construction of cosmos, and have the power of 330 million Mantra-Devathas (subtle-energies) polarized and embedded therein, in the form of 52 Matruka Aksharas (alphabets) which form the base of any Mantra, its attributed Deity, the carriage (Vahana or vehicle on which the Deity sits), the herb or tree to which it belongs and the corresponding body part of the human beings which it controls.

Maha Meru represents the whole universal energy and the energy embedded in every animate and inanimate objects, meaning the soul.

The Maha Meru gives out bio-energy fields, akin to those found in ancient Sriyantra installed in various temples in India. The Sriyantra/Meru provides the bio-energy to cure any illness of those who rested there , it increases happiness and contentment and finally helps one to reach the goal of human life. It ushers Spiritual and Material benefits to go hand in hand.

The Maha Meru HAVE 43 TRIANGLES, 22 triangles looking upward representing Siva (the latent energy) and 21 triangles looking downward representing the Sakthi (potent energy), thus interacting and linking the positive and negative energies, male and female energies, and establishing utmost harmony between them. Therefore it is considered to be the best medium for integrating the Divine Energies. It is called SAMARSAYA meaning fully integrated . It is therefore capable of removing any cause of disharmony in every part of the human body, environment and family life, if its potency is properly utilized.As the human being transmits the divine energy, so also the MAHA MERU transmits the Divine Energy, wherever it is installed properly sanctified.

by Guru Kripa

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