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QA with Bawa

Q: Why should a person who has been living his life happily need to do an art of living course?
Answer. The Art of Living series of courses are not only for people who have problems in life, they are also designed for extremely happy, successful people who simply want to know more and experience more in life. AOL courses will open up dimensions within you that you don’t even know exist.
The courses also provide you with breathtaking tools (pun intended) that will allow you to flush out daily stresses and allow you to consistently give peak performance.
Besides, the YES!+ course is just pure, unadulterated, challenging fun! So unless you are utterly allergic to having fun and learning something really worthwhile you should find the next course that’s happening and go and do it.

Q: What are the most important qualities I should possess to make a positive transformation in society?
Answer. A deep yearning for that transformation to take place. The ability to quickly move from just making plans to putting them into action! The ability to inspire other people to join up with you. Finally to be able to relax and smile and move through obstacles.

Q: How do I attract people to me?
Answer. Meditation. Makes you to people like what an open pot of honey is to bees. When you regularly meditate, you will make heads turn when you walk into a room. The best part is that not only do you attract people, you attract the right type of people. People who will enhance your life by being with you (as you enhance their life by being with them).
Meditation cannot be learned off the internet or from a book, please make sure you learn from someone who is qualified to teach you. We would of course recommend the YES!+ course:).

Q: There is a guy in my life. How do I know that he is the right one for me?
Answer. When the question you are asking doesn’t remain, then you will know!

Q: Is it possible to get anything you want in life?
Answer. Yes. It is possible to get anything you want in life provided you make sure you help a significant number of other people get what they want in their life. Sooner than you think, what you want will plop into your lap!

Q: Should I believe in miracles?
Answer. Only if you want them to happen to you!!

Q: Can you tell me about a miracle?

Answer: Black cow, eating green grass, giving white milk!! )

Q: How do I get out of depression?

Answer. The recipe for depression is asking the question: “What about me?”. Continuously thinking only about what’s in it for me? Very quickly you will get depressed. So the way out is to start thinking and doing things for others. Do some Seva, think about others for a change and you will see that depression just fades away…

Q: How do you from Art of Living see India 25 years from now?
Answer. Wise people don’t predict the future. Wise people MAKE the future! We invite you to join us and make the India and the planet of our dreams!!

Jai Gurudeva!


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