In from the Heart on 13/03/2009 at 14:45

When I look out of this magnificent window,

Watching the waves silently touch the shore,

They whisper into my ears, let go, let go, let go;

The ocean beckons me into the silent depths of my soul;

I only see abundance, beauty, harmony, oneness and love.

The sky above adorned with white clouds,

The birds, the glimmer of sunshine

Merging, soaking into the ocean,

Seamless, with perfection.

I can feel it, touch it, and see it with my heart.

I can only WONDER!!!!!

The waves teach me to move

With courage and consistency;

The clouds teach me to move

With grace, dignity and purity,

Untouched by imperfection;

The birds teach me to be focused and relaxed,

The fishes teach me to agree to disagree,

The shells teach me,  just to shine and spread beauty and light,

The sands teach me to absorb and be non-judgmental,

The trees to be a silent spectator,

The crisp warm breeze to be unconditional,

The crabs crawling out of their shells,

   With their heads popping out tell me “Live and let live

And to sum it all, our dearest Guruji says “JUST BE”     

                                                                    …. Sandhya Rao, Dec 1st 2008, Teacher’s Meet in Bali



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