Making Wishes

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This week, it’s time to learn to make wishes.

Many times i have heard Guruji say in satsang, tonight make a sincere wish from your heart, before going to sleep… many people do have things they really want, and most have reported that when they wished for it, they got it. But most people don’t know what to wish for…. so here is guide to making wishes


As in asking questions to the Guru, the first thing you need is to be completely sincere. With love in your heart and with utmost sincerity, make your wish.

Your wish should be expressible in one small sentence. Don’t make a paragraph out of it. Wish for ONE thing only. Preferably, make it a positive sentence. So instead of saying i wish i don’t have to go to a boarding school to study, wish, i wish i can stay right here in Bombay to study.

Always add or better to your wish, so if Guruji wishes to give you much more or better that what you want, He has the option to do so

So instead of wishing, i wish i get a million dollars, say, i wish i get a million dollars or better (He may want to give you 10 million)…

When in doubt, wish that whatever is best, let that happen.

The best wish you can ask for is shraddha… there is no good english word for it, but it can be translated as faith. When you have the faith, then everything else will come to you…

 Jai Gurudeva!



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