Spirituality at Work Place

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Q: I Cannot find enough time to Meditate
Sri Sri : Meditation will give you more time.
– Deeper your rest more Dynamic your activity.
– Work must be like holiday, Holidays must give deep rest.
– Don’t peg your targets on other people’s achievements
– Half the health we spend gaining wealth and then spend half the wealth trying to gain back the Health!
– Confidence is competing with yourself; Arrogance is competing with others.
– The more you give, the more strength will come to you.
– Pain is inevitable….suffering is optional!
– Good Communication: Speak in Bullet points. Listen as Bullet points.
– From Friendship to Friendliness
– From Concern to Care
– From Ambition to Aspiration
– Your silence increases the voltage of your words!
– A little silence before any work brings clarity of mind. A little silence after the work brings contentment.   Without Clarity of mind and contentment, no work is worth doing.
– Industry is like the body. Society is like the mind
– Having infinite patience is the fastest way to do things.
– Padartha Gnane Mokshaha – Complete knowledge of even one particle can free you.
– Crisis comes to one who takes challenges, and the one who takes challenges also prepares to face crisis!
– Some people who are too comfort loving do not take challenges and therefore are not prepared to manage crisis. To manage crisis we need trust and faith.
– The more you frown, the faster you age.
– The sign of a healthy society is that there are empty places in prison and empty beds in hospitals

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