LIVE – for School Teachers/Educators

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LIVE – for School Teachers/Educators

26-28/11   1PM-8PM CityU

Lessons In Value Education (LIVE) is a practical effective transformational workshop that brings self awareness in teachers on values and how they can nurture these in children they teach.


Education is not merely assimilation of knowledge but a holistic all round development that instills in a child the courage and confidence to face life’s challenges.

Teachers are true role models or living examples to the students, and have to inculcate values that will help determine the future of the society.

A good teacher not only gives academic training but also teaches you to be sensitive to all life around you. The teacher allows the student to discover his true potential so that the course they pursue in future can be truly enjoyable and not something forcibly thrust on them. These are the qualities that make teaching a noble profession and the teacher, a powerful influence.

 Features of LIVE workshop:

ü        Practices that heal and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit and eliminate mental and physical stress

ü        Skills for handling negative emotions and situations and working with children

ü        Practical wisdom for improving work and  relationships

ü        Insight into the laws that govern the mind and emotions of self, children, peers & supervisors

ü        Stretching and low-impact exercise for health, blood circulation, and body stillness

Read more – the 7 modules of the workshop

FEE in HK$ Individual  Organization booking 6 or over @
Early Bird 1 – by 15/10 ð         2400 ð         2000
Early Bird 2 – by 15/11 ð         2800 ð         2400
Full Fee – on or after 16/11 ð         3400 ð         3000

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION AND FLIER : aol_novice_live_flier_nov10

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