The Roar of the Enlightened

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How do you know you are sleeping?

You are sleeping and you get a dream. In the dream, a ferocious lion is chasing you, you run and run and run… and then the lion pounces on you with a deafening howl… and you wake up!



Then you know it was just a dream.

And you can laugh at it and yourself to be so scared of just a figment of your own imagination. And you know you are now awake and not sleeping or dreaming.

All the Sadhana we do, all the Knowledge that Guruji has bestowed upon us is like the lion. Roaring loudly at us to wake up to the Reality. We think that this world that we can see, touch, hear, smell and taste is real. The Sadhana is the roar, which is telling us not to get fooled by the five senses. The Knowledge commands us to question this seemingly solid existence and reach out for what is truly Real.

Guruji once defined “Truth” as “That which does not change.”

If you look around you intently, you will see that absolutely everything is changing. But, it is changing so slowly that you feel there is no change, you feel everything is the same, until you get an old photo of yourself out and look at how you used to look like 10 years ago

The point is, that you don’t notice the change. It is very subtle and very slow. And anything that changes is illusion. Illusion doesn’t mean that it is not there. It is there, but it changes. It’s not real and it is not the Truth. What you perceive with your five senses is not reality.

  A Changing Universe

The good news is that when you realize that everything is indeed changing, then you also realize that there is some part within you that is not changing at all. You do need a stable point from which you can witness change.

If everything is changing, you cannot notice the change! It’s only when you can connect to the non changing aspect of yourself, that you actually perceive the change. Sadhana connects you to that non changing, eternal Reality residing within you. It gives you a glimpse, a hint, a whisper of infinity while you are still in your very finite body.

An actor acting a part as Romeo in a play knows he is acting. Once the play is over and curtains are down what if he still stays in character and refuses to accept that he is not Romeo. Keeps wanting his Juliet.  What can you say to that person? How can you convince him that he is actually not Romeo, he was simply playing the part of Romeo in a play…

You too are like that. So caught up with the illusion of the world and the illusion of who you think you are, that you refuse to accept the Truth about Yourself. You cannot see yourself as pure Bliss, radiating peace and joy. You have become an actor who cannot stop acting.

Sadhana, Knowledge and the Grace of the Guru rouse you up from this Grand Illusion. They make you notice how many roles you have already played and are still playing. They bring to your notice how there is something eternal, beyond all these roles that simply doesn’t change within you, regardless of which roles you have played, are now playing or will play in the future.

Like the lion, Sadhana and Knowledge wake you up from your slumber. Then you can laugh at the world. Then you can play with Maya.

Awaken. Listen to the roar of the Enlightened One.

The Wakeful One is the Enlightened One.

Jai Gurudeva!



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