Dharma and Karma

In Knowledge digest, QA on 19/11/2011 at 22:04

 Q: What is Dharma? Is Hinduism or Islam dharma? If not then what is dharma. Between dharma and karma which is more important?

Sri Sri: Dharma is that which keeps you on track, keeps you on the path. Dhriti (that which sustains), kshama (forgiveness), dama (piety or self- control), asteya (non-stealing), shaucha (cleanliness), indraiya-nigraha (control over the senses), dhi (intellect), vidya (know…ledge or learning), satya (truthful) and akrodha (absence of anger).  All these 10 rules are there of dharma, if you go on google you will know all the ten rules and what is dharma.  Now knowledge is available at the press of one button on the computer.  What we don’t want others to do to us, not doing that to others, is dharma.  Not treating others the way we would not like to be treated, that is dharma.  Now karma and dharma are very close, dharma is that which we have to do, which is our duty, which we hold on to.  Karma is of two types, that which is for dharma and that which is against dharma.  If you do karma which is against dharma that become adharma and karma which is for dharma is known as Sat Karma.

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