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 Increasing pressures to achieve and produce at a faster rate has meant that stress is today considered a normal part of the typical business routine. Higher levels of stress are being experienced in the work place, regardless of earning capacity or status. Unless the inner quality of life is addressed and subsequently improved, disappointment and frustration will continue to interfere with creativity and productivity. Harmonious interaction ultimately affects both business and personal life.

This course is designed to teach people how to Achieve Personal EXcellence (APEX) in management skills and in the workplace.

The greatest assets of any organization are its employees. However, improving their quality of life often escapes their attention. With increasing pressure to achieve more in a shorter span of time, stress is commonly considered a normal part of the business routine. But, under stress and pressure, the mind tends to become preoccupied with past mistakes or anxiety over future goals. This constant vacillation results in lack of concentration, decreased efficiency and increased interpersonal conflicts.

APEX is a practical and effective training program that empowers employees to be centered and more balanced throughout the business day.

The course has been developed to strengthen both managers and employees in organizations, enabling them to experience unshakable calmness and inner clarity in the midst of any business challenge or crisis.

The processes and breathing techniques taught during the course are easy to learn and practice and can create fundamental changes in the lives of employees that are essential for transforming any work environment.

The course also incorporates basic principles for effective living, emphasizing the essential human values that help individuals lead more fulfilling and productive lives.

The course is based on innovative breathing techniques and universally applicable values that contribute to self development, harmonious interactions and contribution to society.

Regular breathing practices, which can be accomplished within 20 minutes vastly improve ones Perception, Observation and Expression.

There are specific sessions in the seminar to address questions for the corporate manager, typically: What is my unique contribution to my company? What is my readiness to do the job in hand? How do I transform the resistance to change in me into a force that drives change?

APEX is designed to fit the requirements of any group or business. It is recommended that individuals belonging to the same level and team to participate in the workshop to enhance team synergy and in group sizes of 40-50.

Reference letter by World Bank

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Message to Corporates


“You’re a lovely human being underneath the corporate coat”

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

New age guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has some very practical advice for the hurried and harried corporate.

He is the undoubted leader in stress management, time management and internal happiness. Art of Living, the foundation he started over 20 years ago, is today spread over more than 140 countries, teaching special breathing techniques, Yoga and meditation. With a schedule that reads like that of a corporate head honcho, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar still manages to remain calm, happy and healthy. CNBC-TV18 caught up with the new age guru to find out how he manages to hold onto his child-like smile despite travelling 25 days a month.

Q: What is the relevance of the Art of Living to the young corporate?

A: It helps them to cope up with the pressures of the day. It helps one mentally be happy and calm, peaceful. And physically, it makes them very strong and healthy.

Q: There are so many people who are followers of the Art of Living who are celebrities in their own right. How does this entire process actually happen?

A: That which is useful to people, they will take it. Like today mobile phones have become a common thing. Similarly a technology or an art, which brings some soothing benefit for an individual, they go for it.

Q: How does one adapt something to like the Sudharshan Kriya breathing technique or the Art of Living? Given we have hectic schedules, we rarely manage time for our families and friends.

A: It is just like personal hygiene. Whatever work one has, however busy one is, one takes time to brush their teeth. No body says that they have no time to brush teeth. In the same way if you do Kriya and a little bit of or Pranayam for 15-20 minutes, it brings so much alertness in you, it brings so much energy in you. So your time becomes a good time, it becomes quality time.

Q: Anything else that you would like to tell your corporate followers to keep in mind since they are battling very busy schedules, stress, deadlines, family pressures? What can you actually advice them?

A: Time-to-time get out of the steam and get into the team. Corporates should also take social responsibility, otherwise you become so greedy and when you become greedy, it kills the customer and it kills yourself too. So we need to bring up human values in life. This lack of spiritual values is causing violence and frustration or depression and suicidal tendency.

Q: What is your advise to these corporates who seem to be mindlessly following some mad rat race?

A: When the shoe pinches, then you know that you have to get out of it. So many people don’t even feel that pinch. They live life till they get sick and when they get sick then they start running around and try to find some alternative. So a healthy lifestyle needs to be adopted before you get sick. There is no end to greed and 24 hours it’s there for everybody, whether it is a peon in a bank or the Prime Minister of a country. Everyone complains that there is no time. When you complain that there is no time, you are simply underestimating your own capability. You can do so much more and you can always accommodate a little more time in your life and that willingness to stretch the time is what is creativity.

Q: Give one message to those corporates out there?

A: Underneath your corporate coat, you are a lovely human being. Don’t forget that. We should not forget human values in whatever role we play, whether as a corporate or as someone in politics or in industry or in business or in student life, underneath all the roles that we play, we are a beautiful human being.

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