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B.K and A.K

The more I say, the less I can express….since my Part-1 course three years ago as a 20 year old, I can sum my life in two phases B.K. and A.K….”Before Kriya” and “After Kriya”!
Recovering from a 2 year old chronic depression (in 2 days), 6-year old cervical spondilitis (in 3 days), free from short temper, becoming more alive, more proactive, more peaceful and reposed in self, a sense of belongingness and Oneness with all, more patience, more energy, a contagious smile, and a path of knowledge-love- sharing where every moment is full of miracles, in every breath I take, GuruJi has made this lifetime of mine the most Gracious gift…and now all I want to do with this gift is take it to the world….Jai Gurudev      (Gaurav Nath)


After doing the course I feel I’v been born again. life’s such a beautiful song now……. full of joy…happiness and positivity. It didn’t come immediately but gradually but is here to stay.
I also had severe spondylosis which is almost gone and that too when I’m doing so much of sewa work on the net and otherwise. My colleagues at work say that its difficult to recognize me………. coz there such peace and tranquility on my face…….. …now I also feel it, I am so patient, I dont loose my temper and never judge people. and DSN with nitin bhaiya gave such a meaning, purpose and direction to my life. Thanks Guruji. (Nita Verma)


Some time back an Art of Living devotee came to me with his astounding healing experience, which I wish to share with you all. Sri. P.Subramaniam aged 28 years, working in a small-scale engineering Unit.  He earns a measly income just sufficient for him and his parents to make ends meet. The nature of the industry in which he is working is unpredictable and there are times when he has to strain himself for long hours to earn adequately to survive, thus resulting in the wear and tear of his health.

About a year and half ago he had persistent fever, body pain and had difficulty in eating and was diagnosed for Testicular Embryonal Carcinoma, a malignant germ cell tumor that occurs mostly in the testes. This type of tumor (cancerous) grows rapidly and spreads to the lungs and liver. He underwent Orchidectomy; an operation to remove the testicle and this was done to slow down the growth and spreading of prostate cancer. After the treatment, he somehow managed to carry on. After about a year, that is during April, 2004, he developed similar symptoms of fever, chest discomfort, multiple swelling in the neck and  sleeplessness. He was admitted in a local hospital and on diagnosis it was found to be Testicular Tumor and Lymph Node Metastasis a type of cancer spreading through the blood. He was given chemotherapy first on 20.4.2004 and second on 7.5.2004 and third on 31.5.2004.

For the fourth chemotherapy he did not have sufficient money and therefore he approached Sri. M.Sendhilkumar, an Industrialist and a very devoted volunteer of AOL Coimbatore. Sri.Sendhilkumar not only helped him but also put him in the AOL Part I Course.

He joined the course on 14.6.2004 and on 17th after the first Sudarshan Kriya he experienced shocks and acute pain in the body and was disinclined  to go to the course on the subsequent day, but with divine grace prevailing,  he did the second Sudarshan Kriya which made him feel relaxed, energized and joyful. As he felt free from all the fears that were tormenting him, he wanted to shout and proclaim his happiness. It was a kind of rebirth for him and after so many months that night he slept very well. With Gurudev’s blessings he experienced deep rest. 

Within a week after completion of the course, he took a haemogram test and the results were encouraging. The Doctor asked him to come back after a  month and he had another haemogram test on 19.7.2004, which showed vast improvement, and he had become normal. This was further confirmed with another haemogram test on 21.09.2004 and finally he was back to his work with an added smile on his face.

Normally the side effects of chemotherapy are frightening as it leads to loss of hair in the scalp and in other parts of the body. It creates anemia and the patient gets tired easily, there could be difficulty in breathing and overall pain in the body. In the case of Sri.Subramaniam, he was indeed fortunate that his doing the sadhanas regularly two times a day eliminated  the side effects. He does not feel tired at all and works with full enthusiasm and last but not the least the hair in his scalp is growing very fast and this is certainly a sign of his returning back to normalcy. He is confident that only because of the AOL Course he has been able to overcome  the dreaded disease called cancer and is willing for any scientific study on  his amazing healing experience.

While I was listening to the miracle I could feel tears rolling out of my eyes. Gurudev has saved the life of the sole breadwinner of a family. Along with  Sri. Subramaniam and his family I am also grateful to my Divine Master for strengthening my confidence in Him.

Jaigurudev !


Effect of Sudarshan Kriya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Jai Gurudev,

I would like to share my experience of Sudarshan Kriya which has cured me completely of a very funny disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

During my treatment of TB for one year with heavy Antibiotics I developed severe weakness and fatigue which continued even after I stopped the medicines. For more than 15 months after the TB treatment I continued suffering from acute fatigue. I could not do my regular exercises, I could not work in office for more than 4 hrs a day. Even after taking full days rest I used to feel tired and energyless. This physical disability had affected my mental strength also. I started going into depressions. My immune system also got weakened. I used to get sore throat, cold and cough almost every month and used to continue sometimes for 2-3 weeks.

In 2001 December I got an opportunity to attend the Basic course. With a great doubt in my mind I attended the course. I was amazed after doing the very first Sudarshan Kriya. There was a surge of an unusual energy in my body and mind. In the next one month I could see a great change in my energy level. The severity of fatigue and sore throat had come down. And after one year, I had got back to almost normal state except on some days when I had to strain mentally too much in office. Now after 2 years, I do Sudarshan Kriya only 3 days a week, I have not experienced the old horrendous state of energylessness or fatigue. My immune system has normalised and mental state has come back to my old enthusiastic state.

I always had doubt that this cure is only temporary. That’s why I hesitated to even share with AOL members. But now I am confident that I have come out of this very funny and troublesome disease. I have not even an iota of doubt that this cure is only due to Sudarshan Kriya, since I had not taken any other treatment for my problem.

I am immensely grateful to AOL and to Guruji for His wonderful and greatest gift namely ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ to the mankind.

With Love,

N.Badri Narayanan, Chennai

Record 1600 participants being rocked by Maheshgiriji in Jalandhar Mega Event

Harshbir Singh Kalra, Mar 28, 2008

Second day of the course brought yet another surprise!!!!!! Some people pleaded for registration and wanted to do the course from the second day onwards.

The participants reached dot on time and their participation was excellent. All through their eyes were completely focused on the dice in anticipation of more magic from Maheshgiriji.

Maheshgiriji conducted the knowledge session brilliantly. The more we see him…. more unbelievable it seems……. he got the participants involved in giving the examples and gave such a practical outlook to layman’s problems and solutions that it hit their psyche very strongly. The after impressions said it all … as if there is nothing called “problem” in life.

The perfection with which participants were doing the Pranayams on the second day itself was amazing!!!! Such big crowd doing the Bhastrika together in one rhythm and Sudarshan Kriya was a scenario that will remain in memories for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the ladies who had been suffering from back problems for quite sometime and had gone up to United States for treatment felt improvement after the Sudarshan Kriya. It’s all happening ………. courtesy Guruji’s grace.

The sense of belongingness was quite imminent amongst the crowd. End of the session, people sat together in their respective groups and shared their views and eatables. Energetic and smiling faces….. they feel like being in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my experience with the miraculous healing power of Sudarshan Kriya….

Santosh mujumdar June 2007

This experience will not only benefit those who have not done the basic part I course but also to those who have done the course but are irregular with the follow up kriya or having slight doubt in their mind regarding the benefits of the Sudarshan kriya:

Since my childhood I have noticed that I have tremors in my hand. I could not hold objects properly. I used to literally struggle to write and which eventually end up with very bad hand writing. Normally pattern of hand writing is set some where around the age of 7-8 years; however in my case hand writing would depend on tremors in hand at that time. I was good in studies but in examinations I could not perform because I could not write the question papers in given time. These tremors would increase whenever I have to meet someone or there is any important event such as interview or facing new situations or persons. Because of this I was suffering tremendous anxiety in mind whether I could perform or not or what will happen if the opposite person see me with my hands shaking. This anxiety and nervousness would not allow me to speak properly in front of any new person and I would struggle to speak even few words to express myself though I might know the matter. This worry occupied major portion of my mind putting block on creative and clear thinking. This anxiety affected my sleep also. In my Board examination i.e. 11th Standards (year 1978), though I know how to solve all the questions papers, I could write only up to 80-75% with shaking hands. For god’s sake, I could secure 71% and got admission in Engineering college. In engineering college also I used to avoid interactions with teaching staff and other students except chosen few in order to hide my ailment. In verbal exams also I could not fare well because of anxiety and nervousness in spite of knowing the matter. Though I desired to do post graduate and appear in U.P.S.C. exams but I knew that I would not because of this serious shortcomings. I have to therefore settle down with government job which for god’s sake I could able to secure. And I am grateful to god for that matter. In job also I used to avoid meeting top bosses. Many a times I would think why this is with me. More I think more I get frustrated. Some time I used to think of committing suicide. I could not concentrate on any activities as always these thoughts would occupy my mind. In short these shortcomings were a great impediment to my growth in life and also seriously affected my day to working.

I have started looking for allopathic treatment since 1982 with the help of my sister, who was studying medicine at that time. The head of department, Neurology, Medical College, Indore, at that time opined that he can hardly do anything. In Mumbai, I first consulted one neurologist at Goregaon in 1989. He continued my treatment till 1995 by advising medicines for anxiety. Initially that helped a bit in the sense that my anxiety had reduced till I consumed medicines and I could have sound sleep. Not fully satisfied with the treatment, I have consulted one head of department of Neurology at Nanavati Hospital, in 1995. He also treated me till 1999. Finally I enquired about best neurologist of Mumbai. My search landed me to the head of department neurology at Bombay Hospital. I heard that not only he is best in Mumbai but probably in India. He is a very senior doctor awarded with ‘Padmashree’ by Government of India. His treatment has offered me some relief to the extent that it reduced tremors little bit till I continued with the medicines. After some duration with treatment, i.e. for nearly 3 years, he gave me a shock that I have to consume the medicines for entire life and for avoiding anxiety during stress causing situations, he advised me a small dose of ‘RED WINE’.

During my allopathic treatment, I did some personality development courses including meditation courses. I had virtually gone for spiritual shopping. One of my friends suggested doing Art of Living course. Finally I landed up in Basic part I course in 1999. However I have not followed up thereafter. I did also not know venue for follow up. One day volunteers namely Raju, Minu and others came in our building and gave intro talk and told me to come for follow up. I wanted to avoid consuming RED WINE and hence this time I took up seriously and started doing Kriya regularly. I also started attending long kriya once a week. The benefits of Sudarrshan Kriya started showing results and after 3 months I completely stopped medicines which I was consuming since 1989. I meanwhile did Divya Samaj Nirman course and started doing Param Padma Sadhana regularly. DSN broadened my comfort zone. I also did Sahaj which is making me natural day by day. Everyday I could feel myself lighter and lighter and I could see the difference in myself on a day to day basis. Further guruji’s knowledge tapes such as Ashtavakra GIta, Narad Bhakti stotra, Shiva Bhakti stotra benefited me a lot. Sudarshan kriya has cured my ailment completely but I think healing is only a by product of larger gain which I got namely peace of mind, unshakable faith, positive attitude towards life, increased awareness, focus towards life, increased confidence, better efficiency in work, better interpersonal relationship and above all it has brought my smile back. This is a rebirth to me and I am looking forward to every new day with lot of enthusiasm and energy. From my experience, I am of the firm opinion that sudarshan kriya can cure any ailment be it developed in this life span or hereditary ailments, as was in my case, because the recovery effected is in most natural way, cleansing each and every cell. But the journey towards the recovery was not a cat walk. I have not missed my kriya for a single day since last 2 years and param padmasadhana since last April (i.e. when I did the DSN). But that is a very small contribution from my side in comparison to treating a life long hereditary ailment for which I could not find any cure from any quarter during so many years. From my experience I can say that if you do sudarshan kriya daily including long kriya preferably once in a week and continue doing that, you get benefits which you have never thought off.

With tears in my eyes, I am deeply indebted to Guruji, Art of Living Foundation, Thakre, who advised me for Basic Course, Nitin Kachalia, my basic course teacher, who is no more now, Raghu Raj Raja, my first advance course teacher, Dinesh Ghodke, my second advance course teacher, Rishi Nitya Pragyaji, my DSN course teacher, Bhanu didi, my Sahaj Meditation teacher, Vinaya Hegde, my third and fourth advance course teacher, teachers in my area, specially Dinesh Bhojwani, Seema, Sreekumar, Rohit, Shilpa for spreading valuable knowledge of guruji and all the volunteers from Mahakali, Andheri (E) area, who have been always very supportive. We have a great team in our area.

Our beloved guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar is transforming lives of millions, my life is also transformed and I will see that my remaining life is put in use for some good cause.

Jai guru dev.

(Contact: santmujumdar@gmail.com)





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