Art of Breathing Course

The Art of Breathing Course – The AOL Pt I Course

Part I Course is central to all the other courses offered by the Foundation. A deeply introspective and fun course, the Art of Living Course is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, cultures and traditions in over 150 countries.


The Course includes

  • stretching exercises for improved circulation and relaxation;
  • simple techniques which increase and balance the flow of energy in the body;
  • guided relaxation techniques to calm and rejuvenate on all levels; and
  • reveals time tested secrets of life that secure our health, happiness and success.

The cornerstone of the course is the Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful technique that purifies and rejuvenates both the mind and body. It is known to have beneficial effects on the physiology, nervous system, endocrine system and the immune system.

The Course integrates practical wisdom, knowledge and health practices to increase individual well-being at all levels-including the physical, mental, and emotional.

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