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  • International Association for Human Values (www.iahv.org)
    • The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) develops and promotes programs of personal and social development to encourage the practice of human values in everyday life.
  • The 5-H Program (www.5h.org)
    • The 5-H Program offers social and community development projects with a focus on Health, Hygiene, Homes, Harmony in Diversity, and Human Values. In a unique and comprehensive approach, at-risk and disenfranchised youth are trained to become community leaders. Many Art of Living volunteers dedicate their time, resources and expertise to help the 5-H Program.
  • Dollar-A-Day (www.careforchildren.org)
    • Since 1985, the Art of Living Foundation has helped support Dollar-A-Day, an innovative school and service program for children and their communities in rural India. The school is now so popular that many parents in this traditionally agricultural area (with no history of education or schools) now send their children to school instead of to work in the fields.
  • Prison SMART Foundation, Inc. (www.prisonsmart.org)
    • Prison SMART (Stress Management and Rehabilitative Training) is licensed to use our unique stress-management techniques in their innovative program that serves inmates, juveniles in detention, those on parole and probation, at-risk youth, victims of crime, law enforcement officers and corrections professionals. The program is results-oriented and has won recent awards. Art of Living volunteers work closely with Prison SMART in a sister-organization relationship and assist the Prison SMART Foundation by donating their time and effort to a wide variety of tasks and projects.
  • Sri Sri Ayurveda (www.srisriayurveda.org.uk)
    • Sri Sri Ayurveda works to bring awareness of the holistic benefits of Ayurveda to the world, combining the benefits of research, traditional wisdom and modern technology.
  • Shankara (www.shankara.com)
    • An elite skin care innovation combining traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with advanced western science in the creation of profound, clinically substantiated skin care and health supplement products. All proceeds to support Art of Living Affiliated projects.
  • Laughter International (www.laughterinternational.org/)
    • Laughter International is dedicated to restoring joy to the lives of people by reminding them to laugh and by showing them how to laugh in such a way that problems disappear and a positive outlook is maintained.
  • Art of Living Youth (www.artoflivingyouth.org)
    • Empowering Youth through the various courses and projects Art of Living offeres.
  • AOL University Program (www.aoluniversity.org)
    • Art of Living University Program is to strengthen your potential as a student. The program increases your learning ability, focus, and energy, and thus makes you ready for life’s challenges.
  • ART Excel (www.artexcel.org)
    • To truly excel in life is an art. ART Excel (All ‘Round Training for Excellence) is an Art of Living program for children and teens which enables them to handle negative emotions such as fear, anger and frustration in positive ways. The ART Excel Course also teaches vital non-academic skills such as the art of making friends, the secret to popularity, and the value of service to others – all in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Art of Living teachers volunteer their time to teach this important program for youth.
  • APEX Course (www.apexcourse.org)
    • The APEX Course is a corporate program of the International Association for Human Values. APEX = Achieveing Personal EXcellence. It is a practical training program that has been shown not only to reduce workplace stress and burnout but to increase mental clarity, creativity, awareness, and overall happiness.

In the local news

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In International Media

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