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Technology of Spirituality

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Seva – To Be Like HIM

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Dinesh wrote a beautiful article about Seva, i edited it and made it even more beautiful

‘Love expresses itself as Seva (Selfless Service)’.
‘Its impossible to know what true love is until you have done something selfless for others’.

When I did my first few Art of Living courses, I heard these lines, but never realized what they meant, and how much power they had…

In those early times, one night, I came home utterly exhausted. I saw that my mom and dad were sleeping. A thought wandered lazily in my mind, let me press my parent’s feet. But the overwhelming feeling was to instantaneously hit the bed. But the second I willed my spirit to go ahead and just do it, fresh energy surged through my body, all my fatigue vanished… That too in just a moment – it was like magic! (But then, so is love, a magic that is always sparkling, ever new!) That commitment of ‘I want to do it, come what may’, brought in a wave of liveliness, quite unlike any other I had ever experienced.

Over the years, like me, I have seen many, many people suddenly come alive with smiles and enthusiasm, ready to help and serve… Their tiredness and fatigue just dissolve like an early morning mist which simply evaporates as the sun rises. The immense joy and fulfillment that one gets by doing something for other people, by lending a helping hand is simply unparalleled and doing Seva can be quite an addiction ?

Seva - Lending a Helping Hand Seva – Lending a Helping Hand 

The energy and the inspiration are always there for the taking, you only need to care!

But unfortunately many, many people have a limited and myopic idea of Seva.

For most people, Seva is normally limited to going to a slum or a village and clean the gutters and roads, or giving money to a beggar (and feeling good about it), or giving away old clothes (and making space for new ones), or donating blood or going to an orphanage and spending time with the kids there, or feeding people, or merely wearing a red ribbon at an AIDS charity concert, etc (With a few exceptions, many celebs have mastered doing this kind of politically correct Seva). This kind of Seva typically increases the dependency of the people who are being “helped” on the “helper” and is done out of a feeling of pity and no belongingness at all.

Seva of course, is all this, but it can be much, much more.

First and foremost we realize that every soul on this planet is desperately yearning for peace and fulfillment. This, it can get, only through the Knowledge of the Self, through meditation and through the process of giving love. Making THAT happen would be the ultimate Seva. Because now you are doing your actions out of genuine compassion and care for people. And you are making them self sufficient, not dependent and obligated.

When I did the Art of Living series of Workshops I realized how they empower people to experience profound peace, unconditional love and enthusiasm and sustain those with Knowledge and meditation. This in turn allows people to be good and creatively do good, to achieve success with minimal or no stress and to celebrate and live life to its fullest.

Seva Result? - A Happy Planet! :) Seva Result? – A Happy Planet! 🙂 

Sa ae va (word Seva split in Sanskrit) means ‘to be like Him’, to be like God or Nature. The divine has created such amazing beauty, such abundant variety, just so that we can be happy. If each one of us can be happy and in turn can spread that happiness, we would be fulfilling the planet’s greatest need.

If we can make a fire in the hearts of people by kindling that spark of inspiration which is already there, to support each other’s highest ideals- Then that would indeed be Seva in it’s full glory and this planet will transform into a paradise, a true Divya Samaj…

This is my dream… what’s yours?

Jai Gurudeva!


dinesh (and bawa)


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Lets do it in space!

Rape another planet of its natural resources… “The reason why we are here is this little grey rock, it sells for $20 million a kilo!”

Pandora is the planet somewhere out of the beyond, a lush green rain forest, perfect and beautiful, pregnant with possibility, full of the most fantastic flora and fauna, a naturalist’s dream, a biologist’s paradise, an army commander’s nightmare… the locals are evolving “savages”, humanoids who have developed language, art and culture but who are still on the bow and arrow stage. The little grey rock will solve earth’s energy crisis. Too bad that their entire village of a few thousand is sitting right on top of the biggest deposit on the planet. The humans come up with an attempt to a diplomatic solution, trying to get them to relocate… but right from the start you know that the attempt is an eye wash, and force will be used when it inevitably fails…

The diplomatic solution consists of a body which is created using human DNA mixed with the DNA of the locals of Pandora, thus creating a link between the two (don’t ask me how… the link is there). So when the human counterpart is sealed inside a hi tech box, his awareness is transferred to the corresponding body and he takes it over. This body becomes his Avatar in Pandora so that he can mingle with the natives and seek out some compromise with the locals…


Marine Jake Sully has lost the working of his legs, his twin brother who was a brilliant scientist whose DNA was used to create a local body manages to die in transit from Earth to Pandora. Conveniently Jake’s DNA matches his twins and so he can take control of the local body… It can become his Avatar. The commander of the marines has no doubt that force will be eventually have to be used and so bribes Jake to become his man… give him tactical knowledge about where what is, so that when the time to strike comes, its smooth, efficient and he can be back to the base in time for dinner. The bribe? A very expensive operation that will bring back the use of his legs to Jake in his human body…

The commander had not counted on the power of Love, the sheer joy of being in the alien body and the tremendous inspiration that can come to anyone who utterly believes he is doing the right thing. The commander was going to be very late for dinner

The story is quite predictable after the first 15 minutes or so but absolutely brilliantly executed.The music will have your pulse pounding and the action, the drama, the tragedy and the triumph against unbeatable odds will have you spontaneously clapping and cheering, at least it did for me… This is a wonderful feel good movie that must be watched on the big screen, preferably in 3D… though truth be told, the 3D technology has not really been exploited much and you will miss almost nothing if you watch it in regular 2D…

There are many scenes in the movie that seem to be inspired by Art of Living. There is a particular group Kriya scene that’s unmistakable :)… there is also some group chanting that could have easily been a type of Satsang … It’s wonderful to see popular media being influenced positively by Art of Living and becoming a run away best seller

Go see it with many people

Jai Gurudeva!