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In from the Heart, Tim Wong on 07/11/2011 at 23:50

Let us have the courage to pass through all experiences and for wisdom to dawn;

Let our senses take us from attachments to the Source that is;

Let our attachments become pathways to liberation freeing us from all concepts;

Let our freedom become a lighthouse uplifting all humanity;

Let us share our wisdom and recognise the permeating divinity for our consciousness to blossom;

Let our divine light shine brightly;

Let our light bring liberation;

Let its glow be filled with wisdom and compassion;

Let our light rise steadily and brightly even through devastations and storms;

Let it cast only the shadow of self-knowledge.

Let us all bless.



What do I Seek?

In AOL teachers, from the Heart, Tim Wong on 16/08/2011 at 15:29

What am I seeking?

Am I seeking Fame?

No. I am the Praise.

Am I seeking Fortune?

No. I am Contentment.

Am I seeking Recognition and Identity?

No. I am the Reference Point.

Am I seeking Freedom?

No. I am Boundless.

 Am I seeking Justice?

No. I am Complete.

 Am I seeking Beauty?

No. I am the very Source.

 Am I seeking Love?

No. I am Love.

Am I seeking Rest?

No. I have no Beginning nor End.

Am I seeking Knowledge?

No. Knowledge is self-revealing.

Am I seeking Reality?

No. I am the Totality.

 Am I seeking Enlightenment?

No. I am Self-effulgent.

What am I seeking?

I am seeking only the Truth.

I am seeking none other than Myself.

I Am.

~ by Timothy  Wong ~

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