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Sichuan-3rd Mission

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Since the last mission (October 08), there were 24 Breath Water Sound workshops taught, benefiting for 759 people.

The total work AOL has done in Sichuan is:
   Total BSW taught 108 workshops 
       5317 people 
   Total Part I courses   4 courses 
       55 people

We are working with the Mianzhu Educational Bereau to teach BSW in their entire school district.  There are more than 60,000 students in the entire district.  We expect to start working there in early December.

Same work is also being discussed with the Du Jiang Yan school district.

Sichuan Relief Work Update 4 – Mission 2

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Mission 2 – June 15-21


Mission Objectives

    Continue with Trauma-Relief Workshops initiated from previous mission

    Establish 3-day Workshops wherever possible

    Establish Part 1 Courses

    Identify Kindergartens for adoption

    Establish full-time operations centre in Chengdu (Provincial Capital)



Workshop Completed

Mission Interim Period (4 June)  4 workshops

Total: 122 people

Mission 2 (15-21 June)
    Day 1:  1 workshop

                        Total 25 people

    Day 2:  –
    Day 3:  1 workshop
                Total 70 people
    Day 4:  8 workshops
                Total 635 people
    Day 5:  8 workshops

                 Total 1,329 people
    Day 6:  9 workshops
                Total 370 people
Total:    27 workshops held in Sichuan
                2439 people benefited from AOL Trauma Relief Workshops



Workshop Overview

    Move towards establishing 2-3 day courses with the same group

    Majority of classes focused on primary schools and relief volunteers

    School classes are separated into age groups for easier facilitation and attention

    Some workshops completed within 30-minutes due to only time period available.  Experience equally strong and invited back for full 60-minute period for the following two days (Mian Zhu Primary School)



Part One Courses

    Two Part-1 Course were organized and completed

    4-Day Program 18 participants

    6-Day Program 20 participants

    Participants came from Sichuan

    Incredible experiences including very strong spiritual sharing after Sudarshan Kriya in an environment that has not encouraged spiritual expression



Adopting Kindergartens

    No kindergartens were identified on this mission

    Complexity in system as well as identifying long-term beneficiaries that are government endorsed rather then relief schools (only operate for an interim period)



Chengdu Center

    Full-time operations centre established.

    3-bedroom apartment, 2 bathrooms and common area that can efficiently accommodate 12-14 people doing morning sadhana at one time.

    Centre can accommodate 7-8 beds.

    Nearby budget hotel (Ibis) within 10 minute walking distance to accommodate any overflow.

    30 minute drive from Chengdu Airport.

    Rudra & Guru Puja performed on Monday, 16 June to formally establish the centre.

Sichuan Relief Work Update – June 1

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Sichuan Relief Work Update – June 1

48Hrs On-the-Ground

  • Trauma-Relief Drop-in Centre for rescue volunteers returning from the disaster zone at the Communist Youth League continued its service.
  • 25 volunteers benefited within a 4 hour period.
  • Many contacts were made with other organizations to provide trauma-relief service including:

– Department Psychology, Sichuan University

– Communist Youth League volunteers organizing field outreach in the hardest hit areas for victims. Visit organized for the next day to Shifang village reported as one of the hardest hit areas.

  • Post-Trauma Workshops were given at a major primary school in Dujiangyan immediate devastated area benefiting teaching-faculty and students:

– 50 school teachers

– 75 secondary school students

– 170 primary school students (Grade1-6) benefited.

  • Visited Mingzhu refugee camp where school was beginning at the camp site.
  • The school has requested that we provide long-term trauma relief programs to the primary school students.
  • Visited Minyang where the Jiuzhao Stadium became a refugee camp housing the 10,000 displaced, whole villages and townships, now huddle under the overhangs of the stadium as a desperate attempt for shelter.
  • Organized a Trauma-Relief Program for the remaining 5,000 refugees after much negotiation.
  • Three simultaneous post-trauma workshops given at three intervals:

–Team 1: 30 / 10 / 9

– Team 2: 30 / 25 / 30

–Team 3: 8 / 15 / 8

  • Courses continued at the Sheraton with 100 people.
  • Courses continued at the Kempinski with 60 people.
  • 3-day trauma-relief program begins at the People’s Number 4 Hospital for medical services staff of 4.
  • Introductory Talk was given at a leading insurance company to provide to their staff trauma relief workshop beginning next day with 35 people.
  • Shangri-la hotel course organized for 80 staff the next day.

Medical services staff of the People’s Number 4 Hospital experience the trauma-relief program of AOLF

Start of School Term

School canteen

School registrar

(Below) School without a classroom; Play at recess: stamping on Styrofoam residue from temporary housing wall-boards

Missing Hope

Pinning hope on the wall. The list of missing family, relatives and friends, greet you at the entrance-gate to the stadium

Jiuzhou Stadium Refugee Camp, Minyang County

Home School Playground

Shifang Village

“No matter how much you have seen and heard, nothing … nothing, can possibly prepare you for the tragedy that hit the Shifang Middle-School. 150 pupils and teachers perished under the debris and rubble when four floors collapsed onto each other.”

AOLF Trauma Relief Sichuan Mission Team Leader

(below) The aftermath showing no escape whatsoever; Ceiling came tumbling down

“I remember being buried with my dead classmates around me under the concrete pile and mess. Only three others survived.”

Survivor 14 year old girl

Shifang Village

“Children without post-trauma support under these circumstances is just criminal.”

“Children without post-trauma support under these circumstances is just criminal.” AOLF Trauma Relief Sichuan Mission Team Leader

Temporary School for Shifang Village: 2 army tents, 4 used mattresses, Plastic ground sheets, 6 wooden stools

What is Needed Now

  • Need more BWS facilitators who can speak and understand Putonghua.
  • Need more local mainland Part 1 teachers
  • Need more people who can bless.
  • We need dedicated and committed volunteers.

72-Hrs on the Ground

  • Kempinski course continued with 12 participants
  • Shangri-la post-trauma workshop was given to 59 participants
  • Introductory talk to Sichuan University was given to 80 students
  • Post-trauma workshop given to an insurance company with the participation of 35.
  • Post-trauma workshop given to Shifang Primary School students with 32 benefiting.
  • Trauma-Relief Drop-in Centre for rescue volunteers returning from the disaster zone at the Communist Youth League continued its service. 7 volunteers benefited within a 3 hour period.

Jai Guru Dev!