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Significance of Pooja

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Pooja is formed by the combination of 2 words : “Po” and “Ja”. “Po” means “poornatha” (fullness) “ja” means “born out of”. That which is born out of fullness is pooja.

When our consciousness becomes so full and in that state when we do an action, that is known as pooja. When heart is full and we are overwhelmed and any action is done out of that overwhelming state, that is known as pooja.

Imitating all that God is doing to us is pooja.

God has given us crops and grains, so we offer rice. God has given us water and we offer water.  Perfumes have been given and we offer perfumes. Fruits have been put on trees for us and we offer fruits.

He is doing our ārati by Sun and Moon everyday going around us. So we light a lamp and imitate that ārati. God is worshipping us everyday. We imitate all that in Pooja. Honouring from the heart, which is full, is known as pooja.

The end of the pooja ritual is known as ārati. What does “ārati” mean? It means complete happiness, ‘Rati’ means joy, Ārati means complete joy, that happiness which does not have sadness as its tail and that happiness which is complete in. How is ārati done? A lamp is lit and taken round God in all the four directions.

What does this lamp signify? It signifies that, life is like a ‘light’, In whatever manner you tilt the fire, its direction is always upward. Similarly life’s direction too should always be upward and where should it move around? It should always move around the divine. This is known as ārati.

Next is “mantra pushpa”. Purification of the mind is done by the mantra and the mind blossoms like a flower and that blossomed mind is offered to the divine. By performing ārati mind blossoms and becomes like a flower.



Dealing with Problems – Bhagavad Gita 3

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Often people who are adamant, who are arrogant, who are  blind does not ask question.  There is no spirit of inquiry in them.  They think they know.

When you think you know without knowing, then you are in deeper trouble, nobody can help. 

But that state does not last too long.  Because when there is problem it does not stay outside.  Whatever problem you create for others, it comes back to you.  And so the problem came back to the king,  he wanted to know what’s happening. 

And there is a good end to everything.  Every conflict has a good end.

So the youngest of the sons called Sanjay.  Sanjay means the right victory.  The moment you want to get out of the problem, you are already one step into the victory.  Are you getting what Iam saying?  Realizing there is problem, we are out of the problem.  So Dhrtarastra  the king called the youngest of the sons, his last son and asked him:

” dharmaksetre kuruksetre

samaveta yuyutsavah mamakah andavascaiva

kimakurvata sanjaya”

Sanjay my dear son, please tell me what’s happening in this dharmaksetre, in this land of dharma, in this land of action.  This is a land of action.  This, our universe, our world,  is a place where law governs, dharma governs. 

And if our action serves in accordance with dharma, there is always harmony.  If our action serves against the law, against dharma, we are bound to face the music.

Knowing this, he asks his youngest son, tell me what is happening.  You see it, I don’t.  You tell me.  My children and Panavas.

It is mineness, mine, mine,  mine.  The limited “mine” blinds a person. 

This limited undestanding, what is mine, what is not mine makes a person miserable.

The Golden Triad

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The Golden Triad to complete the journey –

action, truthfulness and courage;

without completing the circle

the connection within and without is not total and coherent.

Keep swirling in and you will be amazed

how further you can go;

and how powerful you could be.

A journey from innocence to gratitide

will surely worth all the tears and pains. 

Let yourself completely show up for life,

allow yourself total and true come what may…   

it is what life offers

as a game,

as a lesson,

or both.

~ Sylvia ~

Jai Guru Dev!

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