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Where Dispassion is Detrimental!

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Weekly Knowledge #341

Canadian Ashram 24 Jan 2001 Canada

Karthik: Is there something we should not be dispassionate about?

Guruji: Myself! (laughter)

Do not put off the fire of longing for the Divine or Satsang with Dispassion.

 There is a little fire in you that propels you towards Knowledge, Sadhana, Devotion and Service. Sometimes you use Knowledge to put off that fire. The so-called dispassionate people are often morose and unenthusiastic. Many a times you hear people saying. ” Oh, never mind, God is everywhere, Guruji is in my heart, you can do satsang anywhere. My Seva is my Sadhana, so no need to meditate, anyway I am doing Sadhana twenty-four hours. When God wills, he will call me to satsang and advanced courses again!”

Such excuses should not be justified as dispassion.

When you want to do some service, the mind goes, “Oh, its all Maya, anyway everything is an illusion. It’s all just happening. Things will happen when the time comes!”

In this way Knowledge gets misused and is quoted out of context to suit one’s convenience or laziness. In the name of dispassion do not lose that spark of enthusiasm and interest. Using Knowledge like this you miss out a lot.

Keep the fire of longing for the Divine and service to the society alive. Dispassion here would be detrimental.


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Weekly Knowledge #203 Bad Antogast
13 May 1999 Germany



Make your home God’s home and there will be light, love and abundance.

Make your body God’s abode and there will be peace and bliss.

Feel your mind as a toy of God and you’ll watch and enjoy all its games.

See this world as play and as a display of God Himself and you will repose in the Non-Dual Self.

Blessing comes to you in many forms.

If you are generous, blessing comes to you as abundance.
If you are hardworking, blessing comes to you as happiness.
If you are lazy, blessing comes to you as hard work! (Laughter)
If you are pleasure loving, blessing comes to you as dispassion.
If you are dispassionate, blessing comes to you as knowledge of the Self.


“Culturing meditation into our system is normal. What some people would call a higher state of consciousness, I would call the normal state of consciousness.”

“Each cell of our body has the capacity for infinity.”

“Fun or joy in a story is in its suspense…………”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

How to Handle Feverishness

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Weekly Knowledge 247 Delhi 29 Mar 2000 India

When you’re in the grip of feverishness about the result of your actions, what do you do?

Faith: Have faith and confidence that the result will be much better than you can ever imagine. With faith you can get rid of feverishness of action/achievement.

Feverishness can also be a hangover from over-activity. Then sleep, listening to flute music, cold water baths, etc. can help.

Dispassion: Know the whole thing will be over one way or the other, and it doesn’t matter. Meditation and breathing can calm you down. Drop whatever you are doing and do something completely irrelevant, e.g. while decorating your house, take a moment off to cut grass, or go shopping! When you are doing something very important, take a moment off to do something totally irrelevant and insignificant. This enhances your creativity. Relevant action keeps you bound to the action. Irrelevant action makes life a game!