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The Golden Triad

In AOL teachers, from the Heart, Sylvia Luk on 24/08/2011 at 17:26

The Golden Triad to complete the journey –

action, truthfulness and courage;

without completing the circle

the connection within and without is not total and coherent.

Keep swirling in and you will be amazed

how further you can go;

and how powerful you could be.

A journey from innocence to gratitide

will surely worth all the tears and pains. 

Let yourself completely show up for life,

allow yourself total and true come what may…   

it is what life offers

as a game,

as a lesson,

or both.

~ Sylvia ~

Jai Guru Dev!

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Wake Up to Universal Consciousness

In Knowledge digest, Shivaratri on 07/02/2010 at 17:00

Wake up to universal consciousness

DNA, 7th February, 2010

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This whole creation is a play of Shiva, the dance of one consciousness, one seed, which has manifested into a million species in the world. The whole world moving in an auspicious rhythm of innocence and intelligence is Shiva. Shiva is the permanent and eternal source of energy, the only eternal state of Being.

Shivratri is when the Shiva tatva and Shakti become one.

There is a story related to Shivratri, about the union of Shiva and Shakti. The primordial and dynamic energy is wedded to the transcendental. Shiva is the silent witness, the chidakasha and Shakti is chitti or chidvilasa, the energy that plays and displays in the infinite space. Shiva is the formless Being; Shakti is the manifestation in the field. This is the recognition of the dual aspect of matter and energy, prakriti and purusha, the dravya and guna – substance and its qualities. Recognising the underlying non-dual nature of Brahman is Shivratri.

Shivratri is the night to celebrate the wakefulness of one universal consciousness without falling into the unconscious sleep state. It is an occasion to awaken the self from all sorts of slumber. The jagran in Shivratri is not just forcing oneself to be awake or singing bhajans aloud. It is about keeping awake and being inward and being consciously aware of the inner rest that sleep anyway brings everyday. When you surpass a certain layer of sleep, the rest in samadhi or Shiva sayujya happens.

Shiva is symbolically represented by the linga. The Divine is beyond any gender, so the Divine is called Ekalinga, or one gender. That one gender is the Self, the Atma. Beyond the body, mind and intellect, and beyond likes and dislikes, that Self is only one, it is Ekalinga.

Shiva has been associated with destruction. Transformation can only happen after destruction. Shiva is that factor of transformation.

Shiva is a very simple lord, he is innocent – Bholanath. One just needs to offer bel-patra to him. But in this simplicity is a deep message. Bel-patra offerings signify the surrender of all three aspects of ones nature – Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. You have to surrender the positives and negatives of your life to Shiva and become free. The greatest offering is yourself. To offer ones self is the key to happiness in life.

Kailasa is the legendary abode of Shiva. Kailasa means where there is celebration. So wherever there is happiness and celebration, Shiva is present. Whether in sanyasa or sansara, you cant escape Shiva. Feeling his presence all the time is the essence of Shivratri. Lord Shiva is always depicted with eyes closed with a snake around his neck. He may appear to be sleeping but this indicates his inner state which is fully awake, like a snake.

He is always painted blue in pictures. Blue signifies the vastness of the sky. The moon on his head depicts everything within him. So all the ghosts, dead, devil, everything is included in his gana. In Shivas procession all types of people are present. So also in this world, all belong to that supreme soul. Its said “Sarvam shivamayam jagat”. This whole world is Shivamaya.

Shivratri signifies being aware of everything you have and being grateful about it. Be grateful for the happiness which leads to growth, and also for sadness which gives depth to life. This is the right way of observing Shivratri.

If you want to come to me

In Knowledge digest on 22/10/2008 at 23:42

If you want to come to me

Sri Sri

Praising me is not enough. I am not satisfied by your praises, gratefulness and gratitude. Do not just keep me on the stage, on the altar, put flowers and say, `jai gurudev!’  Keep me in your heart.  When you are grateful, there is also a lot of gratitude and you feel like praising.  But all this should be converted into your soul and make you blossom.

Once in a while, when you have a problem, you come and say, `jai gurudev’ . Don’t say it only some times, do it all the time, everyday and every minute. All these qualities you see in me are also in you.  Only when you keep me in your heart, does guruship arise in you.  Otherwise just doing pad puja (worshiping the feet), saluting and running away, nothing will be born in you.  If you only want to garland flowers, then go to temples.  There are many idols there.  There is no need of guru then.  Not only that there are many people in the world , who love to sit and be garlanded.  Go and garland them.

If you have come to me then change.  Change from inside.  Change internally and externally, since both are the same.  The reason why we differentiate the external and internal is because we want both the phases of life to blossom.

See me in your mind.  The external appearance is there anyway.  Whatever is visible outside let it also shine inside you.  Take away your mind from all the small matters.  There is no happiness in the world, which you cannot get by being in the path of knowledge.  Once you taste this nectar, everything else will be bitter.  Once you begin to float in this you will never experience a lack of anything, in any way in your life.  All of you are beautiful as me, because only beauty can recognize beauty.  Otherwise how can you recognize it?  You can see light outside only if it is inside you.  You are light. You are shiva.  You are beauty, you are truth.  Earn this knowledge fully; only then you will be fully benefited.

Don’t keep me at a distance.  What you do is that you keep me somewhere high and in a distance.  By staying far away from me you have no benefit whatsoever.  You are just wasting your time and mine too.  Whatever I am, you are that too.  Whatever you thought was impossible for you, I have come here to show you that it is possible.  Everything is a piece of god – hollow and empty.  You are all god.  Everybody is god.  Actually there is no everybody.  There is only one.  One big ONE through so many bodies; one space through so many places.  Keep celebrating by using some excuse.  If there is celebration in life, then there will be enthusiasm if enthusiasm exists then celebration will also be present.  This body, this prana, has only one mission.  It has come for one reason – to introduce you all to your own self, to reveal the truth self to you.  Who are you?  You are truth.  You are shiva.  You are beauty.

See, many people come here.  Some come just to visit the place and say, “Oh! Nice.”  Some feel nice inside and say, “oh! Nice energy!”   They take few deep breaths and go back after one or two days in a good state of mind.  Few others come and stay a little longer, while, while others just loot everything.  They take everything.  And that is good.  Those are the kind of people I want.  They must loot everything.  The shop is open.  So loot if you can.