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Different types of consciousness – Bhagvad Gita – 6

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But if you are a seeker of knowledge, if you are not attained the enlightenment, or you are not attained the fullest of consciousness, you are a seeker of knowlege.   What is the conch you are blowing?  Devadatta.

Devadatta was what Arjuna blew.  Arjuna means seeker of knowledge.  One who wants to know, one who is seeking knowledge.

What is  the conch he blows – Devadatta – knowing the gift of divine, Devadatta is the gift of the divine.

If you don’t understand every cell of your body is made up of divinity, are in divinity; at least you know that the body is a gift of the divine, that is the second stage.

Honoring and recognizing your body is a gift of divinity, the conch that you blow is Devadatta.

Like that, there is mention of many different types of  of consciousness: everybody makes noise.  But there is little difference in every noise.

Always in a  discotheque is all full of noise.  Certain noise creates harmony, certain sounds create disharmony.

Certain things stir up things, certain other thing evens or soothes things , the situation.

This universe is full of noise.  The world is a noisy place.

There is a beautiful saying – says that is wisdom. Wisdom is.., ah what is foolishness instead.

If you built a home on the ocean and you are scared of waves, that can’t be any better foolishness than that.

In the same way you have built a home  in a forest and you are scared of aninals;

And you have built a home  in the market place, in the  downtown city or on the highway and you are scared of  the noise.

In the same way you are being born on this planet, in the world, if you are scared about the  criticism or the praises people give…  (…and praises – what is the oposite of praises, “criticism”.  Something stronger than cristism a strong word?  “blame” ).. blame  and you are scared of blame and praises,  the same as the rest of other, so foolish.

Having been born in this planet not be scared of critiscism or blame.

Dealing with Problems – Bhagavad Gita 3

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Often people who are adamant, who are arrogant, who are  blind does not ask question.  There is no spirit of inquiry in them.  They think they know.

When you think you know without knowing, then you are in deeper trouble, nobody can help. 

But that state does not last too long.  Because when there is problem it does not stay outside.  Whatever problem you create for others, it comes back to you.  And so the problem came back to the king,  he wanted to know what’s happening. 

And there is a good end to everything.  Every conflict has a good end.

So the youngest of the sons called Sanjay.  Sanjay means the right victory.  The moment you want to get out of the problem, you are already one step into the victory.  Are you getting what Iam saying?  Realizing there is problem, we are out of the problem.  So Dhrtarastra  the king called the youngest of the sons, his last son and asked him:

” dharmaksetre kuruksetre

samaveta yuyutsavah mamakah andavascaiva

kimakurvata sanjaya”

Sanjay my dear son, please tell me what’s happening in this dharmaksetre, in this land of dharma, in this land of action.  This is a land of action.  This, our universe, our world,  is a place where law governs, dharma governs. 

And if our action serves in accordance with dharma, there is always harmony.  If our action serves against the law, against dharma, we are bound to face the music.

Knowing this, he asks his youngest son, tell me what is happening.  You see it, I don’t.  You tell me.  My children and Panavas.

It is mineness, mine, mine,  mine.  The limited “mine” blinds a person. 

This limited undestanding, what is mine, what is not mine makes a person miserable.

the Song of Brilliance – Bhagavad Gita 1

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The universe is a brilliant expression of consciousness. 

Everything here you see is nothing but an expression of consciousness, in its brilliance.   And the purpose of every created object is to remind you that the consciousness which has created this, which is the base of its existence,  is the most brilliant.

Bharath is the brilliance.  Mahabharath means the greatest of brilliance.  The great brilliance has a song to it, has a rhythm to it.  And that is gita.

Gita means song, song divine.

Now, when there is a war, you cannot sing.  War simply means disharmony, music means harmony. 

 In a warfield knowledge is so far away.

The brilliance, that is where it is the most necessary, when there is war wisdom is most essential.  And bringing wisdom not in a palace but amidst war is the brilliance of the divinity.