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SriSri’s discourse – Dec 24, 2007 Bangalore Ashram

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24th December 2007

Bangalore Ashram

Guruji conducted moonlight meditation… followed by the question and answer session.

Question: Guruji logically there is no reason to be happy. But happy state of mind doesn’t follow any logic. Is happiness related to logic?
Guruji: (laughter) The whole exercise in life is to balance the head and the heart. When you are too much into head, you should just let go, and relax, sing and dance. You know your sleep is a gift to you. Do you know that? During sleep the mind gets so much of rest! But meditation is the ultimate rest to your mind.

Question: Guruji, life was becoming weaker and weaker everyday. Then one day you came. You charged up with so much of love and blessings. What is the guarantee that it is going to stay for ever?
Guruji: (laughter) It’s a life time guarantee. For many life times. Here you know, the charge never finishes. Its not a disposable cell, what you call it?!!? The sun the moon the starts don’t finish. Do they finish? When Lord Krishna said, “I am the sun the moon, the light in the sun… “, people did not understand! The mind is like the rays of the moon. The whole world is made up of one energy. I recently heard something; someone was telling that Einstein had said that, “If you have not studied physics you lose out something, but if you have not studied spirituality you loose out on everything”. I totally agree with that. Many are surprised to hear that, but I was not!

Question: Guruji, often I don’t realize how seva is happening and sometimes I think I am doing it. Who is it actually who does?
Guruji: Who is the one who is observing? When you focus on that you will know that. First the eyes are seeing, then the mind, then the intellect, go on with this … and you will see that there is nothing! That’s why Lord Buddha said “Anaatma”. He said, “I could not find the self anywhere, though I searched and searched”. Then Lord Shankaracharya came and said, “Its all Maya” temporary”. Then he said, “Who is the one who could not find? That is the one”!! He totally turned around the whole picture to a new dimension with a new sentence! You are the one and you are never away from the self! That’s why we do, “I am”.. Have you done the “I am” process today? Advance course… During the process you must had several pleasant and unpleasant experience. Its ok.. huh…they come and go, what remains is the self.

Question: Guruji how can I eliminate conflict with my wife. I want to make her happy at the same time cannot agree to everything she says. Can you help?
Guruji: Why do you want a bland life? (laughter) Life should be spicy, interesting. Its absolutely ok to fight! You just tell yourself, today let her scream, I am not going to get angry on her!! You stand like a rock and keep smiling!! See how things turn around! Just one day you do that, and you will see you are so potent to end a conflict or may be begin a new one!! (laughter)!!

Question: Guruji why are there so many spiritual institutions? Do we need so many? Why cannot people follow one institution?
Guruji: No come on… You never ask why are there so many cinema halls? You never
ask why are there so many shops, so many restaurants, so many parties?!!? Why do we wear so many different types of cloths!??!?! This question is not relevant at all. There are so many avenues to bring the knowledge. So many different methods to are there to get to the knowledge. Only the Zihadis say such things. We want only one thing! Only one way! Well things may not be the way you want it, but let me tell you they all have their own importance. Rig Veda said something beautiful. It said for those who don’t believe in him, he is there for them also!! Swami Vivekananda came, he found an institution. Then Rishi Aurobindo came he formed another institution…. We have take up a different way through yoga and meditation…There is no conflict withone another! There is one common thing I think in all and that is meditation.

Question: Guruji I got your blessings today, how long will the blessings last?
Guruji: (Laughter) depends on what you are going to use it for. I am ready to give you a blank cheque. But what will you use it for!??!

Question: Guruji give me bhahma gyan?
Guruji: I am ready to give you and that’s what is what you are doing here. Relax and let go. Become hollow and empty. And only when you are hollow and empty you are ready to take it.

Question: How different are you from mother and father?
Guruji: I don’t want to get into this conflict. How different am I or how similar am I! You find out all that! Some people find both… so you figure that out.

Question: Guruji what is the best way to serve the society as a future doctor?
Guruji: You know you should keep this question. This is a very good question. How best can I contribute to my society!! But don’t try to do something which is not required! (Laughter!!) Have you heard the story of the scout boys? I think I have told it to you before. Ok…ok I’ll repeat! There were three scout boys. One day they were given a task to do some service. So they went on the road and were wondering what seva to do?!?! Meantime one of them saw a old lady who was standing across the road. The scout boy came upto her ands asked “Would you like to cross the road?” The old lady said, “No thank you”. The scout boy insisted her that she should cross the road! Finally he forced her to cross the road. Meantime the other boy who saw that came running and said, “I am going to drop her back from where she came” which means the other side of the road. So he forced the old lady to cross the road again. The third boy came running and said “Well I cannot loose out of seva”. So he got the old lady to cross the road again!!! (Laughter!!) We have to bring people to knowledge and spirituality and meditation.

Question: Is there a way to handle success without conflict?
Guruji: Yes… yes. You can handle success without any conflict. Because the concept of conflict is there in your own mind. If your mind is free there is no conflict at all!! That’s why in Narada Bhakti Sutra it is said, “aatmarata virodhite”… Rejoice in the self without conflict, and that’s is real devotion.

In Service,

Smita Roy (From Ashram)

Reaching God

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Reaching God


Life is incomplete without union with God. It’s quite natural that a matured mind and blossomed heart strives for this union. From ages philosophies were born, debates happened, music, art and literature have sprung up from this need. Religions, philosophies, practices, customs and austerities have all pointed to one thing — union with the Divine.

The common man wakes up to the pain and suffering in his life and wants to be free from it. And he looks for the super power of creation to free him from the clutches of the world. The more he looks at the misery and shortcomings in his life, the farther away he feels from the Divinity, which is his very nature. And his heart yearns for some sort of communication from the other side. For time immemorial man has been striving to lessen this gap between himself and God. There are two ways to do this: one is to elevate mankind towards Divinity — this is called Siddha, one who has attained perfection and the second is to bring God to human level — Avatar, one who is not striving for perfection. Divinity has manifested itself for the sake of mankind. Man rising up to God is Siddha; God coming down, because he cares for you, is Avatar. To communicate directly with devotees, God comes in the form of Avatar.

Avatar is the humaneness where you can get a glimpse of Divinity. In the Puranas, all the devas are depicted with human emotions and tendencies. They do normal things — get upset, angry, are in love, etc. Rama and Krishna went through all the experiences of the human mind just to make you understand that God is not too far away from you, but one among you. Don’t look for the supernatural in Avatar — then the whole purpose of coming close to humans is defeated. The expression of God’s love for you on the most understandable human level is Avatar.

This concept of Avatar is prevalent in the east – India, China, Japan, Korea, Nepal etc. In these eastern countries, the monarch is revered as Avatar. Nripo Narayano Hari – the king is regarded as Avatar of Vishnu; Vaidhyo Narayano Hari – the doctor is regarded as Avatar of Vishnu. In the west, the concept is that of messenger, but in the east this concept does not exist as the intimacy between you and God is so much, God, himself, comes down. Like a mother would personally go to her child, God’s love for man is so much, he would prefer to go Himself. The east looks from the value of the heart whereas the intellect has the perspective of messenger.

The concept of messenger was painful to bhaktas and Sufis – they are more comfortable with Avatar. For an intimate relationship, God comes directly. Your love for God becomes authentic when you are assured of his love for you. In Gita, it is Krishna who first tells Arjuna, ‘You are dear to me’, which enabled Arjuna to surrender.

Wherever you feel immense respect, wherever you get a glimpse of Divinity, know it is Avatar. Avatar lies in those who recognise – and the entire creation becomes alive as Divinity. This is the stage before the awareness of “I Am”.

The entire phenomenon of creation is the descent of consciousness in various names and forms. And the whole purpose of Avatar is to make you realise that you are part of Him. Avatar is not there to charm you but to calm you, to make you return home.

And to make you realise you are that. Once you recognise the Avatar, suddenly the entire creation is filled with ‘that’ and you are that. The descent of God is to make you realise there is no up or down, there is no high or low, there is no ascension or descent! There is no two.