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Narayana is the goal ( Lakshya hai).  Is the means for Lakshmi to reach till there. Eight types of Goddess Lakshmi are there.

First is ADI LAKSHMI (Primeval Lakshmi)- we are all sitting here and we don’t even know we have come to this world.  Have you ever thought you have come to this world? What is your age – hmm? Try to recall- 30-35-40-50 hmm? Just think that 50 years before I came here. Where was I before this? What is my source, what is my origin? This knowledge is not there. To have the knowledge of our own origin is AdiLakshmi.  Then Narayan is very near- not far. The search of our own source, knowledge of source is AdiLakshmi. Where I have come from? Who am I? Where will I go? After 30-35-40 yrs, this body won’t remain! Where will I go ? Where have I come from? Are you here right now? Be aware – Am I here right now? Have I come here or have been here all times? What is this? This knowledge is AdiLakshmi. The knowledge of self.  The person who gets knowledge of self- the fear finishes from his life forever. There won’t be any fear. Attained contentment, bliss.  This is AdiLakshmi. AdiLakshmi is only with the learned ones (wise). And the ones who have AdiLakshmi, know this that they have attained knowledge.

Second Lakshmi is DHAN LAKSHMI (Goddess Of Wealth) – this everyone understands Those who don’t have DhanLakshmi they get away from Dharma (duty), they get involveda in Adharma (unrighteousness). All Adharmi (evil doer), thief, dacoits all are in the search of DhanLakshmi (Wealth). With the desire of wealth , one does wrong deeds, likes all types of violence – hmm fraud, cheating – The desire of DhanLakshmi. He doesn’t see if he has, and with force wants to get DhanLakshmi and with force DhanLaksmi doesn’t come , even if it comes, it doesn’t give pleasure, it only gives only sorrow and pain.  Think Dhan(Wealth) as Lakshmi. Dhan (Wealth)  is not Lakshya (goal). Some people forget Dhan as Lakshmi and Dhan (Wealth) becomes the Lakshya (goal) of life. Till death collect the money (Dhan) and deposit all the money in bank and die ! One crore, One thousand crore rupee is in the bank and the person is no more .  And had not even written the Will- even troublesome ! One wealthy man, knowing he would die soon, didn’t want to die. People would come to him to console and say take the name of God, do some Bhakti, doctors have already said that they can’t do anything, so wait for your death – pray to God,  don’t be sad. He replied I am not angry because of my death, but this huge wealth which I have- don’t want to give it to all my mischievous children. The whole life I worked on this, earned lots of money but now I have to give to this to my useless children- will do something about this. Then he called one astrologer, he told need not worry . After 25 years you will be born in so and so village, with so and so name. He became very happy and made his Will by that name. Man makes Dhan as Lakshya and becomes sad. Dhan is Lakshmi, worship it like Lakshmi- honour it. Some people see fault in the Dhan(Wealth) and held it responsible by thinking  its all because of Wealth, Dhan has only made all this happen, Dhan is not good, this is also not good. Honour the wealth, make good use of it then Dhan becomes Lakshmi. It is said that Lakshmi is very chanchal ( playful,unsteady), it keeps moving. When it moves then it gets value. What doesn’t move, remains fixed has no value. If you see the picture of Lakshmi and Saraswati, you will see that Lakshmi  is on the Lotus flower, above water. Water is unsteady. Saraswati is sitting on the rock. In some pictures Saraswati is also on lotus but mostly Lakshmi has been kept on the lotus, in the water.

Saraswati has been kept on the stable place. Its like this only knowledge when comes is stable. This is the third type of Lakshmi VIDHYA LAKSHMI (Lakshmi of Knowledge,education) . Knowledge also can be misused. Even if only to study becomes the Lakshya (goal) of someone then also Vidhya doesn’t becomes Lakshmi. To study and then to make use of it. Then this is Vidhya Lakshmi.

Next on fourth number is DHANYA LAKSHMI (Lakshmi as Goddess of grain). Dhan is there but Dhanya is not there. Have enough money but can’t eat anything. Can’t eat bread, ghee (butter), rice, salt, sugar can’t eat anything. Then what happen? Dhan Lakshmi is there, enough money is there but shortage of Dhanya Lakshmi . You go and see in villages, they don’t have wealth there but have enough Dhanya Lakshmi. They don’t have any hesitations or shortage of serving any anyone with food for few days. Whether they have money or no, but they have enough Dhanya. The quality and quantity of food villagers eat, people in city don’t eat that much. Their digestion power is also good.  Dhanya Lakshmi- honor the Dhanya.  Food is the most important in this world to everyone. Caligy is one province in Canada, where how much ever food is needed to serve the entire planet (Earth)  grows there sufficient in itself.  How much grain grows there is enough to serve everyone on this planet for one full year. Lot of vegetables also grow there. But they take all vegetables and grains and dump it into the river. Why? To maintain the availability of it. In India, people hide the onion, then its price will rise! Earn more with less effort,  this is not Dhanya Lakshmi. Then we have not considered Dhanya as Lakshmi. Don’t waste it and misuse it. Sometimes how much food is cooked more than half of we waste and throw it, don’t give it to others. Some people have a habit, sweets will come, they will keep it inside and it will get spoilt but they won’t give it to others. When it will gets spoilt then they take out to give.  In many big houses it happens, they have enough money and variety of food is cooked, its ok to cook variety but they give it to others after it gets deteriorated. This is wrong, should honor the food, this is Dhanya Lakshmi.

The fifth one is Dhairya Lakshmi (The Lakshmi of Courage)  In house there is everything, Dhan, Dhanya all relations but are coward. Usually the children of rich families are coward. The children of Kings are even more coward, so coward, so coward. Dhairya is one Lakshmi. Dhairya is one wealth. In service sector it is seen that the workers are scared of the officers. If it’s a businessman, then they are scared of inspectors. Usually we ask officers that what type of assistants do you like ? The one who comes with fear in front of you or the one who communicates with courage with you . The person who is afraid won’t tell the truth. If your subordinate is scared of you then he won’t tell the truth to you.  Will make false story and will run away from you. You won’t be able to work with such person. You like such workers and assistants under you who works with courage and talk to you honestly. Why do you get sacred of your officers? Why because we are not connected to our life. We don’t know that there is so much power within us, the Divine power that is walking along with us, then it is the shortage of Dhairya Lakshmi. Only with the Dhairya Lakshmi one can progress in life or else cannot. The quantity of progress depends on the quantity of Dhairya Lakshmi, whether is business or in job there is a need of Dhairya Lakshmi.

The sixth is the Santana Lakshmi (Progeny Lakshmi) –  There should be such kids who are the wealth of love. There should be realtion of Love. Then it will be Santana Lakshmi or else a botheration or stress. Such children due to whom the stress is either not there or it reduces is Santana Lakshmi.  The Santan (Children) who brings peace, happiness and prosperity, that is Santana Lakshmi. And the Santan with whom there is pain, sadness, unhappiness, disputes then that Santan is not Santan Lakshmi.

And the seventh is the Vijaya Lakshmi (Victoriuos Lakshmi). Some people have all the facilities and resources even then they don’t get success in any work, they start any work it will get spoiled. This is the shortage of Vijaya Lakshmi. If you tell someone to go and get something, after sometime he will come back and just tell he couldn’t get it. Even if they go by auto rickshaw it will break down on the way. They take taxi and even if finally reach there , the respective shop will close. You will think it would have been better if I would have done this work by myself. The smallest of works can’t do – there is too much shortage of Vijaya Lakshmi. If you tell them to put the bulb, they will say that couldn’t find the stool- the bulb is too high. That’s why I am sitting in darkness, there is no stool, and how I do put it.  They will find some or the other excuse and even if there is no excuse the situations will turn like this that no work can be done by them.

The eigth is the Bhagya Lakshmi or Bhagya Lakshmi (Royal Lakshmi) the one who blesses ruler with the secular power). ‘Satta’,  some terrorists, they don’t have Kingdom or power but whatever they say everyone will listen. They have power to rule. Sometimes the Minister or King are sitting, whatever they say nobody will listen. In some offices also its there no one listens to the boss but an office clerk will rule and everyone listens to him. How much Raj Lakshmi is with the Trade Union, it possibly won’t be with the owner of the mill. Mill Union leader can rule, dictate and govern. It is doubtful if the President will have Rajya Lakshmi. The Prime Minister will have or no, is doubtful. But the head of a small village will have. Whatever he speaks the whole village listens. The power to rule (govern) is being given by the nature to the people. There are some political Ministers, they are governing, ruling even by being in jail. There’s lot of blessing of Rajya Lakshmi on them. There had been one Chief Minister, he was in coma still he was able to rule, govern the country. He was unconscious for 4-6 months but the Kingdom was going on  with his name, even now they run with his name. It is not necessary that they have Dhan Lakshmi, Dhanaya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakhsmi, Santana Lakshmi, even then they may have Rajya Lakhsmi, the power to rule the country.

These are the eight types of Lakshmi, they are all connected to each other. In some or the other quantity these all are with everyone. How much do we honor it, make use of it, it all depends on us. We all have these, some of them are more and some are less in quantity. The absence of these eight Lakshmis is called- Ashta Daridrta (Misery). Lakshmi is there or no, Narayana can still be adapted. Narayan belongs to both. Lakshmi Narayan and Daridra Narayan (laughter)! Now the time is to become Lakshmi Narayan from Daridra Narayan. Narayan is always there. And there is no worship of Daridra Narayan, Lakshmi Narayan is only worshipped. Daridra Narayan is served and Laskshmi Narayan is worshipped. Otherwise everything is Narayan and Narayan. And the entire life flow is moving from Daridra Narayan to Lakshmi Narayan- from misery to prosperity. From dryness in life towards the Divine nectar.


Devi – The various names and forms of Divine Mother

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By Bhanumathi Narasimhan

We are all floating in the effulgence of one scintillating unseen cosmic energy called the ‘Devi’. The Devi or the Divine Mother is the womb of all creation. She is the seed of all dynamism, radiance, beauty, equanimity, peace and nourishment. She is the life force energy.

A mother has total love for her child. The Divine Mother has unconditional and unquantifiable love for Her children which includes every being in this entire creation.

Remembering names and forms of Devi

During the nine nights of Navratri, the Devi is worshiped in all Her names and forms. Names have a significance. We remember a sandalwood tree by the memory of its perfume. Each name and form of the Devi refers to a specific quality or attribute of the Divine. By remembering the form or by chanting the many names of Devi, we enliven those qualities in our consciousness and they manifest in us according to the need of the hour.

Navratri is a journey from the outer world of names and forms to the subtle world of energies, invoked through the various yagnas, to the innermost core of our being – the Self.

Warding off negativities and mental blocks

The first three days celebrate the Devi in the form of Durga. Durga also means hill. A very difficult task is often described as an uphill task. In the presence of Durga, negative forces fade away. Difficulties find it difficult to exist in Her presence! The goddess is depicted as riding a lion or tiger as her mount, alluding to the aspect of courage and valor which are the essence of Devi Durga.

TheNava Durga are the nine aspects of Durga energy which act like a shield to ward off all negativities. When you have obstacles and mental blocks, just remembering these qualities of the Devi, can cure the mental blocks. Especially in the case of people suffering from anxiety, doubting oneself, doubting one’s ability, ‘lack’ consciousness, feeling threatened by enmity and negativity – simply by chanting the names of the Devis, it is like mantras that elevate your consciousness and you can become more centered, courageous and composed. This is the significance of the aspect of the Divine as Devi Durga.

The Devi Durga, in Her form as Mahishasuramardhini, is the destroyer of Mahisha. The word Mahishameans buffalo which is a symbol of laziness, lethargy, and inertia. These are the qualities which impede the spiritual and material progress of an individual. The Devi is a storehouse of positive energy and any trace of laziness or inertia dissolves in Her very presence.

The second set of three days honor the Devi as Lakshmi. Lakshmi is goddess of wealth and prosperity. Wealth is a vital ingredient bestowed upon us for the maintenance and progress in our life. It is much more than just having money. It means abundance in knowledge, skills and talents. Lakshmi is the energy that manifests as the complete spiritual and material well-being of a person.

The final three days are dedicated to Saraswati. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge- the one who gives the essence (sara) of the Self (swa). She is often depicted as being seated on a rock. Knowledge, like a rock, is a steadfast support. It stays with us at all times. She plays the veena, a musical instrument whose mellifluous notes bring harmony and peace to the mind. Similarly, spiritual knowledge brings relaxation and celebration into ones’ life.

Goddess Saraswati is the ocean of understanding and the consciousness which vibrates with different types of learning. She is the source of spiritual light, remover of all ignorance and the source of knowledge.

Attaining the Ultimate Offering to Divine Mother

While worshiping the Devi in her various names and forms, we offer flowers in a multitude of hues and fragrances like jasmine, hibiscus, lotus, lilies, rose, and so on. From the outer beauty, as we turn our focus inward and are soaked in the divine attributes, our consciousness flowers. We offer our blossomed consciousness too. Worshiping Her through the blossomed consciousness is the ultimate offering.

The Divine Mother is the unfathomable, infinite, supreme, pure consciousness. A child does not try to know the mother. The child simply has faith in her. In the same way, having faith in the Divine Mother is the source of the greatest strength. It is a great wealth and a blessing.

Navratri is a time for us to soak in this blessing, relax in the depth of our being and feel grateful for the abundance and beauty in our lives.

The writer is the sister of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, meditation teacher, and Director of Women and Child Welfare programs of The Art of Living.

SOURCE: http://www.artofliving.org/various-names-and-forms-divine-mother

the power in you

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The Power In You

An Article by H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

You have the power in you.

We all have three shaktis (energies) in us. They are ‘ichcha shakti’ (the energy of will), ‘kriya shakti’ (the energy of action) and ‘jnaana shakti’ (the energy of knowledge). We have disturbances or ups and downs in our lives because of imbalances in these three energies.

The jnaana shakti in you brings ichcha shakti, the will or desire in you. For example, you have a desire to eat rasagolla. You already know what rasagolla is. You have already savoured it. The knowledge of rasagolla brought the energy of desire in you. So you develop a desire to eat rasagolla. Once you have known what rasagolla is, after you get to know where it can be obtained, after the desire to eat rasagolla arose in you, will you sit idly? No! The kriya shakti or the energy of action follows you. You will go and buy it and eat it. In case you do not know where to get it, then you will make an effort to find out where you can get it. Then you will have lot of kriya shakti in you.

When there is kriya shakti and ichcha shakti, they lead you towards jnaana shakti, the energy of knowledge. You have curiosity. You do not know what exists inside the moon. You want to know what exists in the planet Jupiter. What is there in this creation? Most of our such desires are those about which we know almost nothing about. So you take a telescope and go to a planetarium and begin your research. All research depends upon ichcha shakti and kriya shakti. In order to acquire jnaana shakti or the energy of knowledge, research takes place.

In the same way, whereever there is jnaana shakti, ichcha shakti and kriya shakti follow. Jnaana shakti or the energy of knowledge is symbolised as Saraswathi, ichcha shakti and the energy of desire as Paravathi or Uma and kriya shakti as Goddess Lakshmi.

Brahma is the creator. What does the creator need? He needs knowledge. So jnaana shakti or Saraswathi is the consort of Brahma. Vishnu is the protector of all. What does the protector need? He needs Lakshmi, isn’t it? If you need to run an establishment, if you need to run your house, you need money. Money is Lakshmi. You need Lakshmi for sustenance. Ichcha shakti is Umakumari who symbolises change. You need to have a desire in life to change, to obtain liberation. For that Shiva principle to be auspicious, desire should be created in you. That ichcha shakti is Parvathi, also known as Eashwari.

Therefore, the whole world runs because of the presence of these three shaktis. Whichever energy is more in a place or in a person, that energy gets exhibited. When there is right knowledge, then the right desire arises in us. When there is right knowledge and right desire in us, then right action follows naturally. In that case, all activities that happen through us will lead to completion. Completion in activity will lead to completion in knowledge.

There should be a completion in desire too. If you desire something which does not exist, for instance, if you desire to see the horns of a rabbit, which does not exist in the first place, then what is the use? You had a desire, but there was a lacuna in the energy of knowledge. Now, if anybody decides to see or search for the horns of a rabbit, they are bound to get distressed.

People have ichcha shakti, the desire in them. Due to the wrong desire, usually one undergoes lot of misery. People would have become engineers and will be working as engineers. But if they keep regretting, thinking that they should have been a doctor instead, can they start studying for medicine now?

Many people desire wrong. They obtain a postgraduate degree from the University and then begin to study some other course. The moment they get a new desire they begin again. They never have contentment. They begin one job, quit it and move to another job and then again they move on to another job. They keep searching for contentment. What is this? There is ichcha shakti and jnaana shakti here.

Some have do not have kriya shakti and sit where ever they are and dream and think ‘‘Oh! That should happen to me. It would have been wonderful if I had become a minister’’ or some other dreams to live happily. What happens to all such dreamers? They just sit and dream and dream. Kriya shakti is absent here. They sit in one place and calculate all the profits too. They sit idle and keep planning and talking too much. If you look at those people who talk too much, you can see that they would not have done much work. They do not plan even a single thing properly. They just keep advising everybody to do things that way or this way or keep claiming that they could have got many things done. They keep criticising people. If you tell them, ‘‘Okay, you do at least something of it’’ then they say ‘‘no’’ and just slip away and vanish! What happens in such people? They have lot of jnaana shakti, but zero kriya shakti. If kriya shakti disappears from a person, then that person is good as finished for life. Such people keep repeating their mistakes.

It is a very rare opportunity to see the combination of all the three shaktis. When all the three shaktis combine, then they say that the person has attained ‘siddhi’. We should bring about a balance of ichcha shakti, jnaana shakti and kriya shakti in us.