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Freedom from opinions of others – Bhagavad Gita -7

In Bhagavad Gita, Knowledge digest on 08/10/2011 at 19:51

He was so worried about what other think about, and it’s exactly happening in Mahabharath – this field, this universe – living amidst opposites and bringing harmony is all Gita is about.

Finding harmony amidst chaos, bliss amidst suffering, wisdom amidst foolishness, light in darkness, and immortality in a place where everything is dying,  that is Gita.

So the first chapter is called Arjuna Vishada Yoga, Arjuna lamenting.

So when all the conches were blown, now Arjuna wakes up, seeker of knowledge said,  ‘Krishna, I want to see with whom I want to fight, I am going to fight – so put my chariot in between, show me with whom I am fighting.’

If you are already one-sided, you can’t see both sides.

And Krishna, the embodiment of wisdom, knowledge, knows where exactly to come and park the chariot, from where you can see things impartial.

If you are part of a group you can never see the reality, the verities.

So Arjuna, the seeker of knowledge, was brought and  put in the middle of the two forces, two oposite forces, there Arjuna stands and looks the other side again.

Duryodhana looked at the other side, and he was angry and hateful about his own people.  There was anger and hatred in him … Now Arjuna looks at other person, he feels even more weaker.. now Arjuna’s weakness is not because  they are stonger – he felt such a  connection with them…  his heart was melting…  he said,  ‘these are my people.’