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100% Yoga with Yogacharya Krishanji – Dec 6-8

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On-line registration now open:


What is 100% Yoga?

Sri Sri Yoga Director Yogachary Krishanji of  Art of Living Foundation is visiting Hong Kong December 6-9.  

 100% Yoga series, joint effort of

  • Art of Living HK Center,
  • Hong Kong Institute of Education,
  • Hong Kong University,

will be presenting workshops and talks by Krishanji on various focus of yoga :

  • on value education at Institute of Education (6/12)
  • self mastery at HK University (7/12)
  • unification of levels of existence at HK University (7/12);
  • satsang (kirtan and music) and meditation with AoL members and guests (8/12).

 why it's for everyone!!

A bit more teaser to the 100% Yoga series – if you’d wonder how it would be like:
–  Taking your practice to the next level;
–  To experience yoga as a wholistic roadmap for personal growth and human development;
–  Integrate yoga wisdom into this modern life;
–  Seeing and experiencing yoga as celebration of life
Also it will be wonderful to explore the richness, depth, manifoldness and vastness of yoga as the study of consciousness and life!
So – Join us.
Whether you are into yoga or totally new to yoga – you will find the fun and value there totally for you at the workshops.  And you would fall in love with yoga.


Booking of places / Tickets are available for sale at the following:
  • AoL follow-up sessions; and at the AoL Center.
  • HKU
  • Hong Kong Institute of Education

Ticket to each event is

  • Organizer & supporting organization members:  $30
  • Full time students: $25
  • Public: $50

Power of Sattva – Unleashed in Mumbai

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23 to 26 Dec 2009 witnessed 490 people experiencing the Part 2 course in the famous Yogi Sabhagraha Swaminarayan Hall in Dadar.

Sattva personified Rishi Vidhyadharji mesmerised all of us with his Satsang Aerobics Yoga at midnight (6 am for me is midnight…he he), his brilliant Sadhana sequence and his Q&A sessions in the satsangs early morning (if you have slept from 4 to 6 pm then 8 pm feels like early morning).

Rishiji would conduct the course from 6 am to 9.30 pm. Inspite of such a busy schedule he offered 2 hour knowledge sessions on 2 days from 6 to 8 pm to YES!+ volunteers.

Some snippets: (NOT verbatim…just jotting the essence from what I remember)

* This should be your goal: Becoming ‘MUKT’ (free) from the 5 deepest, strongest and oldest impressions: Food, Sleep, Sex, Fear and Laziness. He added that once you have become free from these impressions then you will know what your real purpose in life is. The humour and liveliness with which he explained this was exemplary.

Q: How to avoid being conscious when amongst people?

A: Rather than bothering about looking good, focus on feeling good. In looking good you lose your naturalness and peace. When you feel good then you will NOT become a football of others opinions and will be more effective.

Q: Should we be perfectionists?

A: Rather than looking for perfection, be with that which is perfect.

Q: How to handle competition as it involves comparison with others?

A: Competition is sugar coated greed and jealousy. A person who is caught in competition is a victim of greed and jealousy. He tries to do several things 100% and gets stressed. Its important to BE (not necessarily DO) 100% in whatever you do.

Q: I am confused about marriage. How to decide whether to marry or not?

A: * If one or more of the following five are of concern (needs) for a girl, then she should marry: Security, Companionship, Sex, Progeny and learning surrender.

* If one or more of the following four are of concern (needs) for a boy, then he should marry: Companionship, Sex, Progeny and learning surrender

Q: While on my way to meet Guruji, the excitement I feel, is it feverishness or longing?

A: While on your way if you are relaxed then its longing, else its feverishness. And on meeting him, if Guruji doesn’t look at you and you don’t mind it as you are happy that YOU saw HIM, then it was longing and if you feel upset or disappointed that HE didn’t look at YOU, then it was feverishness.

perfection is normal !

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Perfection is normal !

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar

The desire for perfection is very normal, because perfection is normal. Perfection is not extraordinary, it is ordinary. And you have it, actually.

Perfect in Action, Speech and Feeling

Three levels of perfection can be achieved: perfection in action; perfection in expression, or words; and perfection in feeling. Some are very good in action, they do perfect action. But they don’t necessarily feel their words are perfect, or their feelings are perfect. Some have wonderful feelings, very good feeling inside, but their actions are not so perfect. Some speak very nicely, their speech is perfect, but their action is not.

It is imperfection that brings irritation in you. You hear somebody saying something that they shouldn’t say, that is not perfect, that is not right, then you get agitated. Now what has happened? You find fault in their speech but your mind became faulty. See what I’m saying?

Someone may feel wonderful inside–they feel clear, easy–but they may speak something out of habit. They don’t mean what they say, they don’t feel what they say. Many times mother tells the kids, “You get lost!” And she doesn’t mean that, she doesn’t feel that. But she says it–speech is not perfect, but the heart is perfect.

Someone’s heart may be perfect, speech may be perfect, but their action is a little slow. They are slow in acting. You’ll find this in tropical countries. In all the tropical countries they feel their heart is so good, very open, they talk very nicely, they’ll say yes, yes, they’ll say they’ll do it, but when it comes to action, it is so slow. They never do what they say. It’s all over the world; all the tropical places are like that. But somewhere else, in more cold countries, they do perfectly, everything they do is fine. But the moment they open their mouth, you have to plug your ears. There is perfection in action, but the words are so harsh.

Every time you expect some perfection in others’ speech or in action, see that you don’t lose that balance or perfection of your inner feelings, your mind. If they say something, it doesn’t matter. See them beyond their words. Never mind any words from anybody. If you could just do that you have won the world. If you cross the words you crossed the world also. And that is perfection in inner silence, inner peace.