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Rudra Puja and Maha Satsang in presence of SriSri – Diwali at Valsad, Gujrat

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There is only one thing you need to do, keep cleanliness. Keep your heart clean, then your home, then your city.
First clean your heart, and don’t stop there.
Don’t do anything that will make you go to jail.
If the inner mind is clean, then the behavior is right. Then everyone becomes our friend.
If the heart is clean, then behavior is better.
If anger comes up, how to overcome that? Through Sudarshan Kriya.
If anger rises, then how to get rid of them? Do Sudarshan Kriya, pranayaam, meditation.
You do not need to fear.
Worshipping the Universal consciousness is Seva.””Seva also keeps the mind happy.
Serve the consciousness and keep your heart clean. The same thing in simpler words is called, Devotion to Lord and Devotion to Country.
Those who do a lot of Seva feel much faith in God. And those who have a lot of faith, they serve society.
The people who serve, they start having faith.
Keep your inner self clean by doing pranayam.
Distribute sweets, become sweet yourself.
Whatever you wished to do last year and couldn’t accomplish, pray that you can accomplis this year.
Pray and take sankalpa too.
Sankalpa means intention.
The things that were left incomplete last year, pray that they are completed this year.
Take a new sankalpa about what you will do and what you will not do.

Bawa on Suicide

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I get questions about people feeling suicidal because of the problems and challenges that life has thrown at them that they feel they cannot handle… In a recent Utsav course i asked how many people had contemplated suicide at some time or other in their lives, and an alarming 60-75% raised their hands. Even i had thought about suicide at some points in my life before Art of Living… I wanted to write this little post as a warning to everyone who have ever thought about this drastic step… Please read.

Suicide is ALWAYS completely out of the question. Suicide is a spiritual crime and perhaps the absolutely worst thing that you can do to yourself.

When you have a body and you are stressed and angry, or sad and frustrated or feeling depressed, you have a way of expressing it. You can shout, scream, hit, cry whatever and vent out those negative feelings…

When you die, the physical body drops off, but you take your mind, memory and intellect with you. Just imagine how it would be, if your mind has all that turmoil but you don’t have a body to express it! You can’t cry, you can’t shout or scream… Your worst nightmare is nothing compared to what you would undergo if you committed  suicide. It is said that suicides come back with deformed bodies when they are reborn… That they are condemned to live through circumstances far worse than they were in when they took their own lives. Suicide is a karmical catastrophe.

Feeling suicidal just indicates lack of energy, low prana, and no wisdom. Doing very regular Sadhana, lots of Yoga, attending Satsang will quickly snap you out of it. A few advance courses will see to it that tons of energy is pumped back into your system, and soon you will not even recognize the “other” person who was feeling suicidal.

Suicide is the extreme form of depression which comes because you keep asking What about me? With Knowledge, Meditation and Seva you can move through it and start living and enjoying life once again…

Here is another brilliant article about suicide by ashwani and the comment that he wrote for this post is so good, i felt it needs to be included right here:

Few months back I had this strong feeling (to commit suicide) again…What helped me out this time was 3 things:

1) The scenes from Munnanbhai M.B.B.S and Lage Raho Munnabhai :)…

In first Munna shouts at a young guy in the Hospital who attempted suicide 3rd time over failed love, that ” For a girl you met 90 days back, you are going to kill yourself…Can’t you live for your Mother who has loved you for 19 years?” (Sounds better in hindi :))…

And in Lage Raho Sanjay Dutt says this to another young man who has lost 7 lakhs of his father’s life savings in shares and is conteplating suicide – “DON’T TALK NONSESNE! Your father will be very happy when he hears and sees your lifeless body?…Same shoulders on which he carried you when you were a child, how will he feel carrying your dead body on the same shouldres now? Proud? Arrey, for months he won’t even believe that you have died…He would dial your phone no. again and again just hoping to hear your voice once”…

2) I used to think that I am a very weak person coz I am thinking of Suicide and that made me feel even worse…and then I read a part of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, even Swami Paramhamsa thought of ‘hurling his body in front of a speeding train”….If he can have such feelings then me having the same feelings is not totally wrong…

3) One of my Yes!+ friend Pradeep died in a bike accident just before Navratri 2 years back…I’ll never forget how uncosolable and shattered his parents were when they saw his stitched up body…I will never knowingly do that to my parents and people who actually care about me…I am not THAT selfish!

I have one question though Bau – I wonder sometimes that people who completely believe in Guruji why do they meet with such terrible consequences. E.g. my friend Pradeep believed in Guruji a lot, his parents are AOL teachers in Gulf and one of other Basic course teacher I know, died of cancer and she was just in her early 30’s! I cannot understand this…

We all die, whether it is through some disease or an accident, young or old, death is certain… Life is fragile and this is all the more reason not to postpone the important things in life… saying i love you, and thanks, doing as many advance courses as you can, spending more time with the people you love…

Guruji is not here to save you from death… He is here to help you cope with life, and He is here for your ultimate enlightenment… As far as He is concerned, death is simply a longer sleep than usual… A cousin of mine was lost at sea, missing presumed dead. When my mother asked Guruji about him, Guruji became thoughtful and then gently said, he died, but he is already back!

Guruji is here to see to it that if and when you come back, you have a say in it… When you are enlightened, you don’t have to come back… you CHOOSE to come back and play with life… Guruji takes you beyond Karma…

Death is the ultimate adventure… but like all good things, you HAVE to wait for it to happen, otherwise it becomes a tragedy and a calamity… Meditate, Breathe, do Seva and quieten your mind… This will make you happy, peaceful and satisfied in the Here and the Hereafter!

Jai Gurudeva!



ps thanks a lot ashwani for bringing out this Knowledge, i did keep feeling that this post was incomplete, now it feels perfect!

How Important is it to Meditate?

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How important is meditation, spirituality?

There is an ancient story from the Shiva Puranas: Shiva marries Shakti the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. For some reasons Daksha starts to dislike Shiva, and when he arranges a big difficult, elaborate Yagya and celebration, doesn’t invite Shiva and Shakti to particiapte. Shakti sees many devas and devis decked up and smiling, going for the yagya and asks them about their destination and when told about it, is completely surprized she and Shiva were not invited…

After arguing with Shiva about going to the party, she has her way and bejeweled and smiling leaves for her fathers abode… Her father is not happy to see her at all, and insults her and her husband Shiva in front of the entire assembly. Shakti is outraged and immolates herself screaming that she will be born again to wed Shiva, but this time from a father who she can be proud of…

When Shiva hears that his beloved wife is no more, He comes to the scene along with all his ganas and wreaks havoc… the way only Shiva can! It ends with chopping off and spectacular destruction of the head of Daksha Prajapati and a premature ending of the Yagya…

All the gathered assembly then bows down in abject fear and prays to Lord Shiva for mercy and compassion and somehow to make the Yagya complete. Shiva (in his characteristic way) chops off the head of a goat and attaches that to the body of Daksha Prajapati and brings him back to life so that the Yagya can be completed. The Yagya is completed… All praise the glory of Lord Shiva…

That’s a nice story, but it contains a beautiful secret: Daksha Prajapati is the one who is most skillful, the most adept… and that’s required to rule and be the King. Now when there is skill, Shakti (power) will actually even manifest, but will not stay long without the deep, blissful, meditative Shiva tatwa (essence of Shiva)…

Shiva then comes along and chops off the head of Daksha, symbolizing the annihilation of ego and replaces it with a goat’s head. And here the symbolizing is really superb: Shiva is conveying that the most elaborate, difficult Yagya… which requires so much skill and such adeptness can be done even by a goat!… When the presence of Shiva is manifest!!

Guruji added similarly having all the skill in life, all the success, whatever you wish will still make you feel hollow, incomplete unless you also have with all that spirituality and meditation.

He had once said: ” You loose the right to eat if you have not done your meditation for that day!!” (Agar Dhyan nahi kiya, to tumhe khana khane ka koi hak nahi hai!)

Without the essence of Shiva, Life is like a huge elaborate wedding without the bride and the groom… You got everything, the flowers, the music, the dancers, the fragrances, the poojaris, the witnesses, the food, the laughter, the tears, the noise, the confusion, the gifts, the jewelry… everything needed for the perfect wedding… but with the bride and groom missing, there would be no point…

Laugh, Sing, Dance, Meditate… (Remember to do Seva as well!:))

Jai Gurudeva!