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The benefits of astrology and the mystery of existence are discussed. We learn how to deal with failure and the three steps to making divine knowledge part of everyday life.

Item #KCD 201


Comb of Knowledge

Sri Sri considers the vacillations and negativity of the mind, and suggests ways to correct this phenomenon. He focuses on the powerful energies of love and what lies behind violence, crime, and suffering.

Item #KCD 206


Conflict between Religions

The essence of all religions is love and peace. Every child should be educated with all religions of the world to remove fanaticism.6 far eastern religions have coexisted. We need to see beyond words and go a step beyond to the essence of religion – which is spirituality, human values, love, and compassion

Item #KCD 207


Consciousness and Environment

‘When you consider something sacred, you will never pollute it.’ Sri Sri analyzes the problems of pollution in the world today and identifies the solution. The tape also contains a talk on the nature of fear.

Item #KCD 208


Dispassion and Desire

What is a cult? This tape addresses this question in depth. True prophets often go unrecognized while they are still on this earth. Also included is a beautiful talk about trust, unconditional love and Jesus.

Item #KCD 209


Fans and Followers

Adoration brings celebration and upliftment in your own life. Someone who is depressed cannot appreciate anything good either in them or in others. If you think someone is brilliant and wonderful just know that you are also that. Each one of us has our own way to express our feelings.

Item #KCD 210


Feeling the Presence

Sri Sri explains why we cannot perceive God through the five senses and how we can directly experience the Divine. He discusses environmental issues and shows why bad feelings are the greatest pollutants of all.

Item #KCD 211


Good and Evil

On one level there is only Oneness – God comes from that level. Within that there is diversity. Opposite values are complementary is a very profound knowledge. For good qualities to exist, its opposite is essential. Otherwise good will lose its value. Good and evil are just relative. God is absolute. Listen from Guruji about the story of good and evil in Indian mythology.

Item #KCD 213


Marriage a Commitment

Commitment gives direction to life. Wedding is a commitment to share and care – share one’s life and care for the other. It helps one to come out of self centeredness. All decisions now have to be taken in consultation. Love when it matures becomes devotion where there is no complaint.

Item #KCD 219


Peace is Our Nature

Sri Sri speaks of enlightenment as living from the depth of life – not being influenced by circumstances but influencing circumstances. He also talks about anger, doubt, trust, and the three types of service.

Item #KCD 221


Strength in Problems

A frog in the well thinks this is the world. Similarly we also create our own little world and become miserable. Most of the misery in life is created by our own mind. Difficulties come and go. When difficulty comes, strength also comes.

Item #KCD 225


Turn a Mouse into a Lion

Knowledge can turn dust into gold. It can turn a mouse into a lion. Listen to Sri Sri describe life as a combination of effort and effortlessness.

Item #KCD 228


Understanding Kindles Love

Guruji provides profound solutions to questions – of how to love people who have negative qualities that bother us, how to deal with people who say mean things

Item #KCD 229


Video CDS

A Conversation with the Master

Sri Sri answers questions on topics ranging from intensity on the path, to obtaining joy from within or from outside, blame, equanimity and what God is.

Item #VCD 300


An Introduction to the Breath

Sri Sri tells us the importance that breath plays in our lives. There is a rhythm in the breath and this rhythm is connected to the rhythm in the world, to the rhythm of the nature, in our body, in our thoughts, in our emotions. He shows the connection between breath and stress in our lives.

Item #VCD 301


Compassion and Trust

Compassion is better than forgiveness in dealing with the mistakes of others. We also learn how to have trust, unconditional love, abundance, and happiness. ‘You can live life with a smile from within.’

Item #VCD 302


Contradiction in the Mind

In meditation you find the mind going very deep into itself, but something brings you out. Deep impressions, thoughts, come out and the depth is lost. Over time you repeat the process again and again, and you find your whole nature is changed. The process of meditation takes its own course, its own twists and turns. Meditation is a process.

Item #VCD 303


Coping with Fear

Various aspects of fear within a person is explained, going from the physical level to the mental. All the emotions are related to feelings and sensations within the being as energy. Many other questions related to life are also addressed.

Item #VCD 304


Dispassion and Practice

Here is practical advice about how to deepen and give momentum to your meditations. This tape also includes the value of receiving your mantra from a Master. “Only in meditation can you ever feel very, very, very comfortable.”

Item #VCD 305


Five Attributes of Brahman

Brahman is the one without the second; one infinite space which doesn’t die, which doesn’t change. The Infinity, Knowledge and Consciousness, one name is given to the 3 Aspects which is called Brahman. 5 Attributes: Truth, Consciousness, Bliss, Eternal, Total (Complete). You are like an onion, if you peal, in the center of your core is Truth, Consciousness, Bliss and they are Eternal and Total. Meditation is getting in touch with this aspects of Life.

Item #VCD 329


Finding Real Communication

Head to head communication is through words; heart to heart communication is through feelings; and soul to soul communication is through silence and meditation. These themes are developed as well as that of abundance.

Item #VCD 306


Going Beyond Reason

“Embrace the opposites, accommodate the paradoxes, and live with a smile. ” Sri Sri takes us beyond our small minds. He also gives short, profound discussions on dealing with aggression, marriage and eternity.

Item #VCD 308


Higher States of Consciousness

Sri Sri describes the development of consciousness we experience due to meditation. He describes higher states of consciousness as being already present in us and naturally unfolding in our lives as we continue to meditate.

Item #VCD 309


Judgment & Sanity

We live in a world that spends billions of dollars on nuclear weapons, yet those of us on the path of yoga are sometimes looked upon as crazy. Sri Sri discusses what is meant to be truly sane.

Item #VCD 310


Love Alone is Supreme

Of all the truth in the world, Love alone is supreme. Sri Sri leads us to this conclusion by discussing the relationship of thoughts and feelings, and devotion and doer ship. He describes the two types of seekers and shows how they find fulfillment in the Divine

Item #VCD 312


Om Shanti Shanti

Sri Sri explains the need for peace in the environment, the mind and the soul, as well as what happens when there is no peace. He describes the three kinds of peace and the three kinds of disturbances, along with a means of achieving peace. He generously illustrates these concepts with stories about Buddha.

Item #VCD 315


Sin and Spirit

Love is the basis of our problems in life because love has six distortions. People get angry because they love perfection. Love of possessions is the basis of greed. We only become jealous of that which we love. When we see an imperfection, or distortion of love, in someone else, it often triggers another form of imperfection in ourselves. Then we fight over whose distortion is the worst. Sri Sri shows how all these issues have the same basis and how, when we can see others’ imperfections as no better or worse than our own, we can reduce the conflicts in our life.

Item #VCD 319


The Five Types of Dreams

The ignorant take dreams to be reality and the enlightened consider reality itself to be nothing but a dream. Sri Sri analyzes the different kinds of dreams we may have and shows why we should never take dreams too seriously.

Item #VCD 321


The Meaning of Surrender

Sri Sri tells how to deal with the restlessness and pain that result from desire by surrendering all your positive and negative qualities to the Divine.

Item #VCD 323


The Means are Sung

When your goal in life is to blossom in Divine Love, you ask: How? What are the means? We learn about the joyful path of Love, reaching the centre within you, cravings, observations, bhajans and service.

Item #VCD 324


Two Steps to Enlightenment

In the most practical and simple way the higher self is explained. Techniques as well as attitudes to cultivate the mind to a more refined state are shared with the seekers.

Item #VCD 326


What is Meditation?

This tape is essential for anyone who meditates or plans to learn how to. Sri Sri describes correct meditation and gives instructions on how to let go and settle down in meditation.

Item #VCD 327


You are the Goal

The different types and stages of samadhi are explained along with the six obstacles to meditation. Samadhi is the most misunderstood word in the world. Samadhi is that which sustains life, that which keeps the spring of life alive. Your consciousness has amazing abilities. An enormous storage of information can exist in your brain, and your consciousness can tap into it any time it wants.

Item #VCD 328



DVDS — with Chinese Subtitles

  1. Know Breath, know life (set of 4 dvds)
  2. No more fear, No more disease (set of 4 dvds)
  3. Buddha Manifestation of Silence
  4. Coping with fear
  5. Going Beyond Reason
  6. Judgment & Sanity
  7. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
  8. The meaning of Surrender
  9. What is Meditation

Cds- In Chinese

  1. Healing With Consciousness
  2. Touch your button (set of 4 cds)
  3. Discover you are peace (set of 3 cds)
  4. The love moves the world

VCDs — in English

  1. Compassion & Trust
  2. Contradiction in Mind
  3. Conversation with the Master
  4. Coping with Fear
  5. Dispassion & Practice
  6. Finding Real Communication
  7. Five Arrows of Love
  8. Going Beyond Reason
  9. Higher State of Consciousness
  10. Introduction to Breath
  11. Judgement & Sanity
  12. Laugh,Sing,Dance and Meditate
  13. Love alone is Supreme
  14. Love needs no Proof
  15. Narad Bhakti Sutra (set of 14 Vds)
  16. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
  17. One World Family
  18. Patanjali Yoga Sutra (11 VCDs)
  19. Pride Humanity and Luck
  20. Sin & Spirit
  21. The Attributes of Brahman
  22. The Five Types of Dream
  23. The Meaning of Surrender
  24. The means are sung
  25. Timeless Conversation
  26. Two Steps to Enlightenment
  27. Vikram in Hong Kong
  28. What is Meditation?
  29. You are the Goal

Knowledge CD

  1. Ancient New Age
  2. Are You Tired
  3. Astrology
  4. Ayurveda & Breath
  5. Belongingness To Silence
  6. Buddha – The Manifestation of Silence
  7. By The Way
  8. Comb of Knowledge
  9. Conflict Between Religions
  10. Consciousness & Environment
  11. Dispassion And Desire
  12. Fans And Followers
  13. Feeling The Presence
  14. Four Pillars Of Knowledge
  15. Good And Evil
  16. Guru,God & Prayerfulness
  17. Inner Voice
  18. Karma And Reincarnation
  19. Krishna Absolute Joy
  20. Love Needs No Proof
  21. Marriage A Commitment
  22. Overcoming Obstacles On Path
  23. Peace Is Our Nature
  24. Poornima & Symbols
  25. Science & Spirituality
  26. Secrets Of Secrets
  27. Strength In Problems
  28. The Ultimate Relationship
  29. Turn A Mouse Into A Lion
  30. Understanding Kindles Love
  31. What Is A Guru?
  32. You Are The Source
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