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Wise Make Future

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QA with Bawa

Q: Why should a person who has been living his life happily need to do an art of living course?
Answer. The Art of Living series of courses are not only for people who have problems in life, they are also designed for extremely happy, successful people who simply want to know more and experience more in life. AOL courses will open up dimensions within you that you don’t even know exist.
The courses also provide you with breathtaking tools (pun intended) that will allow you to flush out daily stresses and allow you to consistently give peak performance.
Besides, the YES!+ course is just pure, unadulterated, challenging fun! So unless you are utterly allergic to having fun and learning something really worthwhile you should find the next course that’s happening and go and do it.

Q: What are the most important qualities I should possess to make a positive transformation in society?
Answer. A deep yearning for that transformation to take place. The ability to quickly move from just making plans to putting them into action! The ability to inspire other people to join up with you. Finally to be able to relax and smile and move through obstacles.

Q: How do I attract people to me?
Answer. Meditation. Makes you to people like what an open pot of honey is to bees. When you regularly meditate, you will make heads turn when you walk into a room. The best part is that not only do you attract people, you attract the right type of people. People who will enhance your life by being with you (as you enhance their life by being with them).
Meditation cannot be learned off the internet or from a book, please make sure you learn from someone who is qualified to teach you. We would of course recommend the YES!+ course:).

Q: There is a guy in my life. How do I know that he is the right one for me?
Answer. When the question you are asking doesn’t remain, then you will know!

Q: Is it possible to get anything you want in life?
Answer. Yes. It is possible to get anything you want in life provided you make sure you help a significant number of other people get what they want in their life. Sooner than you think, what you want will plop into your lap!

Q: Should I believe in miracles?
Answer. Only if you want them to happen to you!!

Q: Can you tell me about a miracle?

Answer: Black cow, eating green grass, giving white milk!! )

Q: How do I get out of depression?

Answer. The recipe for depression is asking the question: “What about me?”. Continuously thinking only about what’s in it for me? Very quickly you will get depressed. So the way out is to start thinking and doing things for others. Do some Seva, think about others for a change and you will see that depression just fades away…

Q: How do you from Art of Living see India 25 years from now?
Answer. Wise people don’t predict the future. Wise people MAKE the future! We invite you to join us and make the India and the planet of our dreams!!

Jai Gurudeva!

Bawa on Suicide

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I get questions about people feeling suicidal because of the problems and challenges that life has thrown at them that they feel they cannot handle… In a recent Utsav course i asked how many people had contemplated suicide at some time or other in their lives, and an alarming 60-75% raised their hands. Even i had thought about suicide at some points in my life before Art of Living… I wanted to write this little post as a warning to everyone who have ever thought about this drastic step… Please read.

Suicide is ALWAYS completely out of the question. Suicide is a spiritual crime and perhaps the absolutely worst thing that you can do to yourself.

When you have a body and you are stressed and angry, or sad and frustrated or feeling depressed, you have a way of expressing it. You can shout, scream, hit, cry whatever and vent out those negative feelings…

When you die, the physical body drops off, but you take your mind, memory and intellect with you. Just imagine how it would be, if your mind has all that turmoil but you don’t have a body to express it! You can’t cry, you can’t shout or scream… Your worst nightmare is nothing compared to what you would undergo if you committed  suicide. It is said that suicides come back with deformed bodies when they are reborn… That they are condemned to live through circumstances far worse than they were in when they took their own lives. Suicide is a karmical catastrophe.

Feeling suicidal just indicates lack of energy, low prana, and no wisdom. Doing very regular Sadhana, lots of Yoga, attending Satsang will quickly snap you out of it. A few advance courses will see to it that tons of energy is pumped back into your system, and soon you will not even recognize the “other” person who was feeling suicidal.

Suicide is the extreme form of depression which comes because you keep asking What about me? With Knowledge, Meditation and Seva you can move through it and start living and enjoying life once again…

Here is another brilliant article about suicide by ashwani and the comment that he wrote for this post is so good, i felt it needs to be included right here:

Few months back I had this strong feeling (to commit suicide) again…What helped me out this time was 3 things:

1) The scenes from Munnanbhai M.B.B.S and Lage Raho Munnabhai :)…

In first Munna shouts at a young guy in the Hospital who attempted suicide 3rd time over failed love, that ” For a girl you met 90 days back, you are going to kill yourself…Can’t you live for your Mother who has loved you for 19 years?” (Sounds better in hindi :))…

And in Lage Raho Sanjay Dutt says this to another young man who has lost 7 lakhs of his father’s life savings in shares and is conteplating suicide – “DON’T TALK NONSESNE! Your father will be very happy when he hears and sees your lifeless body?…Same shoulders on which he carried you when you were a child, how will he feel carrying your dead body on the same shouldres now? Proud? Arrey, for months he won’t even believe that you have died…He would dial your phone no. again and again just hoping to hear your voice once”…

2) I used to think that I am a very weak person coz I am thinking of Suicide and that made me feel even worse…and then I read a part of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, even Swami Paramhamsa thought of ‘hurling his body in front of a speeding train”….If he can have such feelings then me having the same feelings is not totally wrong…

3) One of my Yes!+ friend Pradeep died in a bike accident just before Navratri 2 years back…I’ll never forget how uncosolable and shattered his parents were when they saw his stitched up body…I will never knowingly do that to my parents and people who actually care about me…I am not THAT selfish!

I have one question though Bau – I wonder sometimes that people who completely believe in Guruji why do they meet with such terrible consequences. E.g. my friend Pradeep believed in Guruji a lot, his parents are AOL teachers in Gulf and one of other Basic course teacher I know, died of cancer and she was just in her early 30’s! I cannot understand this…

We all die, whether it is through some disease or an accident, young or old, death is certain… Life is fragile and this is all the more reason not to postpone the important things in life… saying i love you, and thanks, doing as many advance courses as you can, spending more time with the people you love…

Guruji is not here to save you from death… He is here to help you cope with life, and He is here for your ultimate enlightenment… As far as He is concerned, death is simply a longer sleep than usual… A cousin of mine was lost at sea, missing presumed dead. When my mother asked Guruji about him, Guruji became thoughtful and then gently said, he died, but he is already back!

Guruji is here to see to it that if and when you come back, you have a say in it… When you are enlightened, you don’t have to come back… you CHOOSE to come back and play with life… Guruji takes you beyond Karma…

Death is the ultimate adventure… but like all good things, you HAVE to wait for it to happen, otherwise it becomes a tragedy and a calamity… Meditate, Breathe, do Seva and quieten your mind… This will make you happy, peaceful and satisfied in the Here and the Hereafter!

Jai Gurudeva!



ps thanks a lot ashwani for bringing out this Knowledge, i did keep feeling that this post was incomplete, now it feels perfect!

effect of Sudarshan Kriya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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From: Rtn Badri [mailto:badri@rcme.org]
Subject: Effect of Sudarshan Kriya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Effect of Sudarshan Kriya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Jai Gurudev,

I would like to share my experience of Sudarshan Kriya which has cured me completely of a very funny disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

During my treatment of TB for one year with heavy Antibiotics I developed severe weakness and fatigue which continued even after I stopped the medicines. For more than 15 months after the TB treatment I continued suffering from acute fatigue. I could not do my regular exercises, I could not work in office for more than 4 hrs a day. Even after taking full days rest I used to feel tired and energyless. This physical disability had affected my mental strength also. I started going into depressions. My immune system also got weakened. I used to get sore throat, cold and cough almost every month and used to continue sometimes for 2-3 weeks.

In 2001 December I got an opportunity to attend the Basic course. With a great doubt in my mind I attended the course. I was amazed after doing the very first Sudarshan Kriya. There was a surge of an unusual energy in my body and mind. In the next one month I could see a great change in my energy level. The severity of fatigue and sore throat had come down. And after one year, I had got back to almost normal state except on some days when I had to strain mentally too much in office. Now after 2 years, I do Sudarshan Kriya only 3 days a week, I have not experienced the old horrendous state of energylessness or fatigue. My immune system has normalised and mental state has come back to my old enthusiastic state.

I always had doubt that this cure is only temporary. That’s why I hesitated to even share with AOL members. But now I am confident that I have come out of this very funny and troublesome disease. I have not even an iota of doubt that this cure is only due to Sudarshan Kriya, since I had not taken any other treatment for my problem.

I am immensely grateful to AOL and to Guruji for His wonderful and greatest gift namely ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ to the mankind.

With Love,
N.Badri Narayanan, Chennai